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Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Wow was it a busy weekend getting ready for our barbecue (and it was a small one). A lot of cleaning and cooking. Barney was pretty good - when I was getting the pizzas ready he kept jumping on the table and trying to eat them (he apparently likes cheese because he kept going after the few bits that landed on the table while I was grating) so when we were out at the grill (we do them one at a time) I had to put him in the bathroom for a couple minutes - even when I asked the other cats to watch him they just let him on the table. Barney also jumped into bowls (luckily empty) a couple times when I put them on the table (I stopped him before he got in a few times too) and I am not sure why but he seemed to think it was a good place to chase his tail. I have pictures I will post later of one of his bowl visits. But the good thing is that he stayed to visit for the whole evening, and while we were in the living room having apetizers (veggies and dip) he fell asleep so he didn't bug us while we ate. He woke up right towards the end and came in. I had the squirt bottle handy the whole time in case he came in and tried to jump on the table. Floyd came down, which makes me think he may need to go back on the antibiotics - he is usually afraid of visitors, but he was looking for food (which he couldn't have) so I am a tad worried and will mention it when we go to the vet this weekend (just the annual check up not the usual blood test - Kirzon is going too). Virgil was his normal self - upstairs then downstairs, then up then down. The other surprising thing is Kirzon came down. He will sometimes come down later in the evening but he came early when I gave Floyd some treats to stop the begging. He has great hearing because it was a foil pouch, not a container that really makes noise. Lola stayed upstairs, but not because she is shy, she is lazy so she usually just stays in the same place for long periods. If she had been downstairs when people arrived she would have stayed there. All in all the cats seemed to do very well, which is good. I always hope they will be social and visit and they actually did this time.

I will post some pictures of the bowl incident later on this evening. It was bad because I kept having to wash bowls I needed but it was so cute.


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Sounds like you had a goof barbecue.Barney is a hand full but lots of fun!

CCL Wendy said...

Glad you had a good BBQ! I know how much work entertaining can be, though. Sounds like Barney had a ball! What a little cutie-pie!

It's nice that your other kitties socialized a bit, as well. It's not a social gathering without kitties.

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Amy...you certainly had a very busy weekend...I cannot imagine how you cook with multiple kitties.
It is an effort for me sometimes with just one. Madi lives to eat!!! She reminds me of a dog (sorry Mads...cover your ears). Milky Way our 1st cat grazed for days on a large bowl of food. Thank you for the nice comments on our memories of Cali.
Have a good evening...I'm about to post on my blog for tomorrow.
Madi and Mom (Cecilia)