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From House of Cats
Stella is one of the two newest members of our family. She and her brother Gus moved in on May 30, 2010. They were both born (along with 4 others) to a feral mom in Texas on March 31, who was taken in by Megan, the daughter of the nurse at our vets office, Kelly. Kelly knew we were looking for a kitten or two and asked if we would like to take in two of the babies - and of course we said yes!!

Stella is a silly girl - she loves to snuggle and loves to play play play! She has fallen in love with the Turbo Track and plays for a long time before bed. I think she may also have a crush on her two big brothers, Virgil and Barney, because she likes to watch them. She can hold her own against Gus when they wrestle and she is always willing to be first to explore a new area. She love to play and when Gus isn't near she calls out to him, much like he does to her.

Stella prefers the crunchy food, a lot like her big sister Lola. She also chases her tail, which is something Lola does. As the youngest girl in the house she is ready to show the boys that girls are just as ready to stand up for themselves. And she is also willling to try and snuggle with them - even if it is only sitting close by.

We are so glad to have added Stella to our little family - she is number two in our plan to have a group of girl kitties with Roller derby names - next up will be Trixie (which I almost changed her name to, but Stella just fits her so well!)

From House of Cats