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From House of Cats

Lola is our crabby old lady. She is the only girl (at least right now) so she is the queen of the cats. She hates the flash on the camera, so these too pictures with her eyes open were hard to find! She usually blinks!

Lola came to us on May 15, 1999. She is the daughter of a girl who I knew's male cat and her roomates female cat. Her dad had gone in to be neutered (he was 6 months old at the time) and he had a fever so the wanted to wait a couple weeks. The roomate had told my friend that her female cat was spayed, but guess what - she wasn't! In that time they hooked up and about 9 weeks later on March 15 the kittens were born - in her roomates bed (that'll teach her not to be a responsible pet owner!) Her dad was a big orange tabby, and her mom was a tiny black kitty. Lola is a muted grey calico/tortie (not really sure which). But she is big like her dad (for a girl at least). She is the second biggest cat in the house.

Lola was very close with her big brother Floyd (who has gone to the bridge - you can read about him on his page) and he took very good care of her when she was a baby. She is oddly jumpy about some things, and if she gets scared by something she will avoid it for a few weeks.

She is a pretty snuggly girl, but she is also a crabby old ladycat. She gets chased by her little brothers a lot - probably because she is the only girl - and she can really hold her own!

From House of Cats