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Trixie is our newest member of the House of Cats. She was adopted on February 19, 2011 from our friend Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs. She was one of a litter of ferals that Chrystal took in back in October, and honestly I just fell in love with her. That face just got me. Don't get me wrong, her sibs (4 sisters, 1 brother) are beautiful, but Trixie is just to perfect. When we got her (just over a week ago as I write this) she was the smallest in the litter - which is good because now maybe Virgil will have someone his size to play with. Her original name was Tuxie, and to me that was so close to Trixie I knew it had to mean she should be our new baby. She was quite shy at first but has come around wonderfully. She is a total snuggle bug, and is very squirmy and loves to just plop over from a stand right to her side for petting. She was a bit older when she moved in - almost 6 months old, and she was the only tuxie in her group. Oh, and did I mention she is polydactyl - 6 front toes plus dew claw (really 7 toes the way it looks) and 5 back toes.

I don't have too much to write right now - she has only been here a short time. But I will update as she grows up!