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From House of Cats
Virgil is our second tuxie and currently the middle boy. He was born around July 4, 2008, and we brought him home on August 2, 2008. He was found on someones front porch along with a sibling and brought into our vets office. The sibling had been attacked and unfortunately didn't survive. But Virgil was ok - he had fleas and earmites, but otherwise he was perfect. So we brought home this little, 4 week old guy to join our family. He was a snuggler as a baby, and wanted very much to hang out with the older cats - well, at least he wanted to play with their tails! He is very smart, and very willing to try things out - not always the best idea, but nothing bad happened, so it is all good. He did get stuck behind a cabinet, but he got out ok (with my help).

Virgil is a very sweet boy. He is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever know. He loves to harass his big sister, however. He loves whipped cream and he squeaks - it is always easy to find him! He is the smallest of our cats, and he is very stocky - he has a very cute walk because of it!

Virgil isn't really a snuggly cat but sometime he want to sit in my lap, and that is great! And when his dad comes home he always rubs all over his legs - it is one of his favorites!

From House of Cats