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From House of Cats
Sadly, Kirzon passed away in April of 2014 - we miss him very much.  Below is our original post about him.
Kirzon is the oldest kitty in the house. He was born around September of 1996. We just use Sept 25 as a birthday because, well, that is what I picked, but he was probably born a bit before that. Kirzon is our only pet store kitty. He was a feisty guy, and since his big brother Floyd was already huge (Floyd has gone to the bridge now - you can read about him on his page) even though he was only about a year old, I knew we needed a feisty guy who would stand up to him. My big regret is I don't have any pictures of him as a kitten. He came to live with us on November 25, 1996 - which is the date we use for Floyds birthday - so he was like a first birthday present! He is a calm cat most of the time - he likes to snuggle with me, and has started to snuggle with Brad a bit too (mainly if he has food - which he has always done, but he will head over there sometimes now - I think he is jealous of the youngins). Kirzon's name is a misspelling of Curzon, a character from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. He is the only cat that has any sort of tooth issues, and he does get the stinkiest cat breath I have ever experienced because of it. He is pretty independent, and will usually only hang out near the others - but not too close. But sometimes he ends up closer then he wants (say if Barney climbs ontop of him to sit in my lap when he is already there). He has also started to assert himself when it comes to attention - and will climb over Barney to be on top now (since Barney is still young, this didn't start til Barney started it!)

From House of Cats