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From House of Cats

Floyd was my first cat after moving into my first apartment (I had cats growing up, but he was really MY cat). We think he was born around November 25, 1995. I adopted him from a local no-kill shelter, Cat Guardians, in February of 1996. Floyd was at home right away. He was such a sweet, cute boy. We think he must have been part Maine Coon, because of his size (he was like 2 cats in one) and his floof.

Floyd thought he was a person. He would sit like a person. He would rest his paw on your shoulder while he sat behind you on the couch. He always wanted people food, and would try to yawn and stretch to touch the food, thinking then it would be his.

Floyd was a good big brother - especially to Lola. He was like a mom to her, and they would snuggle a lot. He was the cat in the house that you would find in a snuggle pair most of the time.

Floyd started to loose weight in 2008 and when we took him to the vets, his bloodwork seemed ok but he had a minor infection. He went on antibiotics and gained weight back, and we thought he was ok. This happened a couple more time, and that is when we realized something was going on that didn't show in his bloodwork. We took him to a couple of the more "high tech" vets and specialists and found out he had lymphoma in February 2009. Other then a few times he obviously didn't feel well, and the weight loss, you wouldn't have known he was sick.

We decided to go with the less intrusive chemo because they said his odds were basically the same as the more aggressive form - so why put him through that. In October of 2009 he lost a lot of weight and stopped eating - I would have to force feed him. We took him back to the specialist on October 30, and they said that while he seemed ok to us, in reality he probably only had a few hours left - he has fluid in his lungs and was full of tumors. I was devistated, and so was his dad (my boyfriend). We took the sad journey to our regular vets - we thought it would be better to be there, and they helped him to the rainbow bridge.

I still miss him every day, and there I times I swear I see him out of the corner of my eye. Lola has taken his leaving hard because they were very close. Barney started to lick his fur off his belly around the same time he started to really decline - I am not sure if it is related or not. I know that he was probably miserable at the very end, but I also know that I gave him a wonderful, happy life full of love.

From House of Cats