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From House of Cats

Gus is one of our two newest family members. Along with his sister, Stella, he moved in on May 30, 2010. They were born on March 31, 2010 in Texas to a stray who was taken in by Megan, who is the daughter of our vet's nurse, Kelly. Kelly knew we were looking for a kitten or two, and so she asked if we would like to take them in - of course we jumped at the chance! We were very honored, because the rest of the group (4 kittens and mom) stayed in their family! So to be allowed to have two just makes us feel so special!

Gus is quite a guy - his face is so different from his sisters (and his other sibs too) because it is more pointy and he has adorable big ears. He is the more cautious of the kittens, but once he is comfortable he is a crazyman - running, jumping and having lots of fun! He love to be near his sister, and when they play he will call out if she isn't nearby. He is funny because he often has a very serious look on his face, but he really isn't as serious as you might think. He loves canned food and playing with the feather toy - even when the big cats are playing.

Since they haven't been here too long, it is amazing how well both he and his sister are fitting in with the other cats - he is not afraid to walk up and take a bit of their food if he wants to try it - and they let him!

From House of Cats