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From House of Cats
Barney is currently the second youngest - he was born around May 16, 2009 (we use that as his birthday but it is probably a couple days before that). He was left in a box at the door of our vets office - we brought him home on June 17 2009. He is very different from Virgil - he was a crazy boy! Our power went out 2 days after he came home, so we had him downstairs where the other cats were, and he kept trying to escape and explore the house - even though I was trying to keep him away from them a bit. He is our crazy baby that is for sure!

Barney has had eye troubles on and off for his whole life - he gets eye goo for it but lately he is not happy about that. He is a big snuggler - he used to sleep on my chest and neck and rest his head on my face. Luckily he grew out of that and just sleeps near me now. He loves to chase all the cats around - he has a ton of kitten energy!

He is the biggest of the male cats - but he still has a very kittish face. He is a bit odd - he tends to lick the fur on his belly til it is thin. This started around the time Floyd got really sick, so it may be a reaction to it. He also scratches his chin bald sometimes. He is on an antihystamine right now that seems to help with that a bit.

Barney is a food lover - any food. He once tried to steal a macaroni ball from me - it was bigger then his head at the time but he picked it up anyway. He also really wants to be the alpha cat, though Kirzon does intimidate him a bit. When Kirzon is sitting in my lap, he will climb on top of him and sit there. He wants to be number one!

From House of Cats