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Monday, September 7, 2009

Moo and Baa - day Six, relaxing at home

So, before I post today's pictures of Moo and Baa, let me answer a couple of questions that were in the comments.

Lola is doing well - she is back to her old self.

As far as how Barney is acting - nope, not exagerating. In fact, today he came up from behind me and bit my face (not hard luckily) right above my eye. If you saw how scratched my arms and legs are, you wouldn't believe it. Right now he is sleeping, and he can be nice but mostly he just bites right now. I know he will grow out of it - but not too soon for me (or Virgil, or Floyd).

And how do you get to be next with Moo and Baa - well, tomorrow is their last day here. At the end I will post that if you want to be the next to have them that you should post it in the comments. It is that easy - I will send them out along with their stuff and some awesome other stuff on Wednesday. Also, well, I am just going to say it now, I need it to be a US person. I am also sending out my paw it forwards, and I discovered that the box size I am using for Moo and Baa costs a FORTUNE to send outside the country. I would love to send them to some exotic locale, but right now I can't afford it. It isn't that I don't love my non-US blog friends (in fact 2 of my paw it forwards are leaving the country), it is just that shipping 3 boxes out of the country is pricey!

Ok, now, here are Moo and Baa for today.

So today, we stayed home. I had a lot of stuff to do (mainly cleaning and laundry) so Moo and Baa hung out here. Since we had such a busy weekend, they decided to sleep late

They decided to try and help me out with the laundry.

But they got bored with that really quick. So then they thought it would be fun to read my new Pearls Before Swine treasury.

Then they took at look at my jewelry stuff - they thought all the colored rings looked really cool.

Next, they tried to get on the computer, but it was acting up as usual.

So they finally gave up and decided to spend time with all the cats.

Finally, we all had a late dinner of pizza from Nancy's nearby. It was a super thin crust, unlike the traditional Chicago deep dish.

Now we are just watching some TV together - 2 of my favorites (How I Met Your Mother - where Barney got his name - and The Big Bang Theory are on tonight).

So tomorrow is their last day here (we will miss them). I am hoping that we can do something fun before they go. I will also post a picture of the tag I got to send along with them

Oh, and for those of you who's blogs I usually visit, but haven't, well, honestly I have had so much computer trouble it has been hard to get to anyones sites. I will start catching up tomorrow from work, where the computer at least stays on without locking up every 10 minutes.

Oh, and if you want to host Moo and Baa, don't forget to let me know tomorrow!!


Cheyenne -Millie said...

Moo and Baa look right at home there! I think you all will miss them!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...


Woo aren't supposed to BITE the humom...GOT IT?!?

I'm not sure M&B will want to live Chikhago! Woo have sooo showed them khwite the town!

PeeEssWoo:Will they khome with some of that yummy pizza?

Your Daily Cute said...

Moo and Baa are going on a trip somewhere?! That is such a cute idea! I'll come back tomorrow and make my case. ;)

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Good luck with Barney. When does he have his vet visit?

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Mmm, that pizza looks NOM!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh no not biteys, that is naughty..

I thnk you have given Moo and Baa a lovely time.. I hope they get another nice spot to visit.

Hugs GJ xx

The Creek Cats said...

Awwww! Moo and Baa are having the best time with you guys! We know they will be sad to leave you!

Ariel said...

"Wow" Moo and Baa are so lucky to have so many fun adventures.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, Tsk Barney!!! You better behave you're little self! No biting mommies!!! And as for Moo & Baa, they sure had some great adventures while staying with you!!!