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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yes, I am slacking again

I have to say I have been slacking on both posting and visiting everyone's blogs, and also about updating the site. Things that need to be posted pretty quickly are going up but other than that I have been awful -so here is a quick update:

Barney used the big kitty litter box - they have 3, one of which is the automatic kind. He has tried all three - he still tries to roll in them like a chinchilla on occasion, although the consensus in the house is that he is part frootbat (it is the ears).

He is out and about during the day now (as of yesterday) but is still sleeping with me - I will probably let him start to venture out at night this weekend.

Virgil got a couple of great presents for his birthday, although they aren't really official because we are having a party this weekend so I am counting that as his birthday party - he got a couple of pop up "dens" I guess you would call them, that connect with a tube and that he can play in with Barney - they both love them.

Floyd seems ok off the amoxicillian so far but he has not been interested in his canned food as much - it is the cruchy that he wants right now, so I let him at it.

Lola and Kirzon are adapting to the new kitten well - they seem to understand that with Barney around now Virgil bothers them less, which they like. Lola is the cranky old lady of the house, and even though Kirzon isn't the oldest, he is definately the old man.

We are in the process of fixing up many things at home (putting lots of rocks - more than 1400 lbs total) in the garden - nothing really grows there so the rocks are a good idea - I should have taken the ones at my dad's house before we sold it but didn't - regret that every day. We are also redoing my bathroom (I share the master bathroom but the hall one is all mine) because the cabinet broke - so we pulled it out and the medicine cabinet and painted (teal with a silvery overcoat to reflect some light). We bought the cabinets at Ikea and just need to install them (plus Brad has to paint the ceiling because I can't paint into corners where there are different colors no matter how hard I try - and I can't even put down a tape line straight so he has to fix my overpainting). The good news is that unlike the living room painting, no one ended up with a painty butt.

I will try and get some photos up tonight. I have been so busy I hardly have any of Barney still. I submitted the one of him standing on his head to Cute Overload but haven't seen it there yet - it can take a while so I am not too concerned. If they post it I will let you know.

I have posted a link in the side bar if you would like to donate to the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee dog-a-thon. You have to go see the exciting news over there that they got from the Humane Society!

Finally, as I mentioned yesterday Shadow our kitty blog friend, is not doing so good right now - if you can please send her and her family some good thoughts. We all are worried and hope she is better soon!


CCL Wendy said...

I, fur one, haven't seen Barney yet, so would love to see pictures of him, and some of any of your kitties fur that matter! Frootbat, eh? I've gotta see this.

Sounds like you have quite the rocky road to hoe! (LOL or is that ho, ho, ho!).

We have already send out pawsitive purrs to Shadow.

Anonymous said...

We understand about that feeling of slacking. But remember there are so many cats to visit, you could drive yourself crazy. Our human has feeds in Google Reader and intends to flip through them every day, but it doesn't always work out that way.

But we are sorry for being so late to wish Virgil a happy 1st birthday. He is one lucky, well-loved little tux mancat.