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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, Barney has the nickname Barnacle, which seems appropriate because he likes to cling on to you - he snuggles at your neck under your chin. He also likes to bite a lot - including faces. I am trying to teach him not to bite faces and it isn't going to great but he is still young and has only been home a week, so I am not too worried yet. He is a great climber, and can get on the bed already, and zooms up the stairs like a maniac.

Also, Barney is now a member of the M-Cats Club! He is a man cat in training until he is a year old, but it is still cool he can join his big brothers.

And, speaking of M-Cats in training, Virgil will be a full Man Cat soon - we are so excited! I have some great graphics for his Birthday that I will be posting. I am super excited!

The other cats are just being their normal selves. Floyd is off his amoxicillian for the week to see how he does. He isn't eating as much but I have also noticed he is stealing kitten food when he has the chance so that could be why. Or it could be that he is tired of his current canned food and needs a change - he gets that way sometimes. My other guess is that it is the heat - I know when it is hot I prefer to eat less, so that could be the problem too - the heat index today is 106 (yuck!)

Sorry I didn't post any pics yesterday, I had a Doctors appointment after work and then I just was so tired when I got home (heat index yesterday was 104) that I wanted to rest. I have some great pics to post, including one where you can really see how reddish brown Floyd's fur is turning!


The Island Cats said...

We can relate to Floyd...it may be the heat cuz when it's hot, we don't feel much like eating either...like today...it's about 95...even with the air on, it's just too hot...

We can't wait to see some pictures!

The Monkeys said...

Welcome to the Mancat Club, little Barnacle!


HubbleSpacePaws said...

I'll second the heat theory. We have no central air and the guys are very warm and not eating nearly as much.