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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lola Update!

Lola is home now and boy oh boy does she seem better. She is much perkier and more like herself. The only weird thing is that when she meows no sound comes out. She is very chatty normally and she seems like she is trying to be but there just isn't any sound. She has eaten a small amount of food and put the smack down on her little brother when he got to close for comfort. She let Floyd near her and seemed like she missed him and was happy to see him. They have always been the closest two of the cats. She is walking around and seems to be so much happier today. She has a couple medicines but I don't think it should be any problem to give them to her because she is the cat that is the best with medicines.

I picked up one of the cat toys - a long string I use to play with them, and she totally perked up and came over. She was interested in it but didn't really play with it. Then she came up and is now sitting by me. Also, every once in a while she burps - you can see it and it is kind of funny. So it looks like she is on the mend. If her voice isn't back in a few days I will check with the vet, but it could be because she spent a while with the gagging/barfing thing and it irritated her throat. We will have to see on that one.

I will update again later.

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