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Also - Can someone tell me how to get rid of the giant gap below this notice - I cannot figure out how to do it - thanks!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

And the Mystery Tuxie is.....

Drumroll please..........

I know it is tough to tell - like I said there are times I can't really tell to be honest with you.  The main differences are that Trixie has white fur around her nose, but of course you can't see that too well in the picture.  She is rounder than Virgil but again, in that picture it is hard to see that.  The one thing that you can use to tell it is her - her paws!
For those of you who didn't know, Trixie is polydactyl (so she has extra toes) and she is polydactyl on all 4 paws.  On her extra toes, her claws don't retract (which is normal for a cat that is polydactyl) so you can kind of see her extra claws sticking out there in the picture.  Some of you noticed the little bit of white on her face that is over her nose just peeking out - that is impressive because until you guys pointed it out I didn't even notice that part. 
It is really common to see Virgil sleeping like that (he looks like a little curled up squirrel to me when he does - I have no idea why but I am sure I must have seen a picture of a baby squirrel curled up like that at some point) and usually Trixie is more splayed out, even when she is curling up a bit.  So I thought it was cute when she was sleeping like a squirrel and had to try to take a picture - luckily it was successful.
The other way to tell would be if you were familiar with my house - that pillow is on the couch I usually sit on - Virgil is totally Brad's cat and almost never sits by me, he sits by Brad on the other couch, if he is going to sit by someone, which almost never happens.
I am hoping to get some newer, better pictures of the kitties posted soon - I need to get my actual camera out and use that instead of the phone. 
I build a scratching post for the cats about a week ago (we have a post that is about 3 feet high under the stair landing and I wrapped it in sisal - unoiled so cat safe) and while I was doing it they were all really into playing with the stuff, but now the only one who really pays any attention is Trixie - she actually climbed it the other day. It was so cute, but I didn't have my camera and was to far to get a good picture with the phone (and I knew she would jump down as soon as I got close).  So hopefully I can get a picture of that and you an see how cute she is up there.
Ok so this is a lot of posts this week - don't expect it to be quite this frequent, but hopefully it will be more frequent then it has been.
Thanks for visiting! We will see you soon!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ok technically she isn't my cat........

Wow, two posts in a row!  Ok, so I don't plan to complain about work anymore on here, because my goal is just to not think about work if I am not there.  But the field guys I work with (or sadly used to work with since many have left) are awesome, even if there are other issues.  Two of them are huge animal lovers like me.  One (who left a few weeks ago) was a dog person, but then one day in the winter his dog wouldn't come in (which was very unusual).  He went to find her (him - I can't remember to be honest) and she was snuggled up to a white cat in the snow - he wouldn't leave her and she had no tags, collar or anything. So he took in that cat, and then adopted another so she would have a friend (and had dogs already).  And then the other one well, he is now the proud parent of the little girl below - he texted me this picture on Sunday and it is obvious she is already fitting in quite well from the picture below.  The guys are the reason I am still there - with the way things are going they may all be gone soon, so then I won't have to feel bad about leaving them in the lurch.  But they are awesome and they are why I am still there. 
Anyway that is the last thing I will be saying about that place, unless I get more cute pics like this of course!
And tomorrow (or Saturday or the next time I post - hopefully soon!) I will let you know which tuxie it is in that last picture from yesterday.  To be honest if I hadn't taken the picture it might be tough for me to tell - sometimes if one is sitting in the window so I can't see their face or feet, I can't tell who it is right away so I know it might be tough to guess!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Ok so this is a bunch of pictures that I think are cute of the kitties that I don't think have ever been posted before. I haven't really had a chance to get back into visiting yet (amazingly work has gotten worse - 2 guys have quit since my last post) but I wanted to at least post some pics in the mean time, 
Stella (aka Stelly-Bean)

Stella upside-down

Stella in a Box

Sleepy Barney

Gus playing on the stairs


Trixie Belle (not a fan of the flash so hard to get a really good pic of her)

Gus and Stella snuggling

Trixie Bell

Virgil - blurry but it just makes me laugh - he has cupcake on his nose

More cupcake nose

Barney and Lola - they don't really get along but will sleep by each other - weird

Gus and Stella again - he loves using the other cats as a leg rest

Barney - he looks how I feel (headachey - but I think he was really just sleepy)

Barney loves to be all snuggled in blankets - really the only cat who does

Can you guess which tuxie cat this is? Virgil or Trixie Belle?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ok so we were gone longer than planned again!

So I have no idea what is up with blogger since I have been gone - it looks like it has gone wacko. 

Sorry we disappeared so long again - my job is just so so horrible - 4 people have already quit, everyone has gone to HR about the manager and they just don't care and do nothing, so I am trying to find a new job.

But the cats - the cats are good.  Crazy, but good.  Sleeping for the most part right now.  Virgil is in the kitchen talking to Brad to try to get his attention - Virgil is totally a daddy's boy.  Trixie is a mama's girl though, so we each have a Tuxie that prefers us.  The others are about equal but usually sit by me (I am the food giver after all).  I have some pics that I found that I want to post - there is this great one of Gus I am going to post today (I hope if it works - again - no clue what is up with blogger).  Ok, maybe two.  The first one I just love that he is winking, like "hey, here's looking at you babe".  The second is just cute.  He loves to play on the stairs, which is really fun, except he has the most insane claws (like they are whatever it is that Wolverine's claws are made of - why can't I remember the name of it) and they go straight into your finger if you are not careful - like I swear he has hit bone.  He isn't being mean, he is just playing but boy does it hurt. 


Monday, December 29, 2014


Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone! I haven't really had much of a chance to visit yet but plan to start on that this week. I am hoping to post a couple times a month at least from now on.  And I am hoping that the cats will cooperate and let me take some good pictures of them - I did get a few the past couple days, including this great one of Gus, Barney and Stella all snuggling together.  So look for us to stop by and say hi at some point this week!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holy Cow are we back?!?

Hey everyone! I know it has been a VERY long time since I posted anything on here and a LOT has gone on. Work has actually gotten worse - I know hard to believe - and it just is stressing me out so much! For the most part the cats are doing great, but sadly Kirzon passed away last year at the ripe old age of 17.  I know he had a good life with us but I miss him lots all the time. Barney has gotten to be a bit of a bully with everyone, I think he wants to be the alpha cat.  Lola is still her normal, crazy old lady self.  Virgil is still the loner/rebel cat he was before - tell him not to knock something down and he will do it immediately.  Gus is still Mr. Responsible - I would trust him to be in charge any day.  Stella is a great girl - not the most snuggly but loves to be petted and get attention (as long as she doesn't have to sit on your lap), and Trixie, well, she has grown up to be a huge snugglebug.  She sleeps by me every night, and snuggles with her big brothers when she can (Gus and Barney are the snugglebugs of the house along with her). 
For me, I still have the same crappy job (as mentioned above) and I know I won't be able to visit everyone like I used to, which I think is part of how I got overwhelmed before.  But I do want to post sometimes - probably a lot less often, and just let you guys all know we are still here and still doing well. I haven't taken a ton of photos lately, but here is a super cute one of Barney all snuggled up in a blanket the other day that I think is pretty cute.  So, I guess we are back!
ETA: And I am sad to see that one of our friends from before had to be helped to the bridge - it is sad news to return to, but sadly that is how life is.  We are all very sad to hear that Derby had to leave, but we know he will see lots of friends up there. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sorry we disapeared again!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to do a quick we are still here we swear post - I just felt crappy since last week and wasn't up to any computer viewing. And boy, I am so behind in visiting I just want to cry to be honest (and I know it is the whole blogging with out obligation thing but that just isn't me). Work is crazy and I thought I could visit but turns out I have about 2 minutes today to just put this up.I will have the Trixie present pics soon - I miss you all so much and hope to do a bit of visiting later on!