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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sick Cats

So Lola is sick and we aren't quite sure what is wrong. She was all listless and not eating, and she was making these gaggy/barfy noises so we ended up taking her to the emergency vet on Monday night. We are lucky because there are two in our area. So the vet there looked her over and she had a fever but they were not really finding anything wrong, so they said she could go home and go to the regular vet in the morning, and they were recommending a blood test and x-rays of her abdomen to see if there was anything lodged in her throat or stomach. So since I had to work my boyfriend drove her up there on Tuesday and she had to stay all day so they could check her out. She was still not eating but the blood tests came back ok. The x-rays showed that she had a LOT of gas (like from her stomach, all the way through her intestinal tract to her butt). They didn't see any blockages which was good but they were not sure what had caused the gas. Her temperature was back down to normal, so it seemed like she was already on the mend, but they wanted to be sure she was passing the gas so they wanted to x-ray her again in the morning. I didn't want to take her on 2 more car trips, and I wasn't sure who would be taking her (my boyfriends mom would do it but Lola is already stressed by being sick so I don't know how that would have worked) so they said she could stay overnight. I thought it was a good idea because I didn't want to have her traumatized by 2 more car rides (plus a third after the exam the next day) but I felt guilty not taking her home and taking care of her myself. We decided it was best that she stay there and so they checked her again this morning and although she hasn't eaten she has passed a lot of the gas. Hopefully she will feel more like eating when she gets home. I know she will be in a bad mood because anytime she goes to the vet she gets crabby - so being there this much and this long will make it worse I am sure. I am still really worried since we don't know what caused the fever or the gas, but they did give her antibiotics to be safe and have been giving her fluids so she doesn't become dehydrated. Hopefully once she gets home and rests a few days she will be able to get back to her old self. I will keep you posted.

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