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Friday, August 26, 2011

Time for smiles

So after all the sadness in the CB, and all the crappyness I have had at work lately, and the fact I haven't been able to visit I decided it is time for some smiles.

Tomorrow is Trixie's first Birthday (or as close as I can figure out it is - it is the day that we have picked at least). She is going to be one year old. Her brother Leo, who lives with his new sister Star, has a blog, Celestial Kitties and they are going to be celebrating his first birthday too! Now, these two wonderful kitties wouldn't be with their new families if they hadn't been found and rescuted by Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs - I know a lot of you know her already. Well, for those of you who don't know she rescues kitties and has 2 "cat houses" that they live in until they find their forever homes - that second cat house, which is connected to the first and can be opened up to make one big one, was made possible with donations from everyone out here in blogland, and others too of course. See the thing is that the cat houses can comfortably hold about 18 kitties - and they are full up right now. So today and tomorrow, in addition to doing some fun stuff to celebrate Trixie and Leo's birthday, we are also going to ask you to visit Chrystal, and who knows, maybe you will find a kitty that you will fall in love with like we did.

So lets see, what is up with the gang here - Kirzon is feelign better I think. He is still not super perky at night but he is eating in the morning and through the day. I think part of the lack of evening perkiness is just old age. He has been sleeping in the sink upstairs lately because he loves to drink out of it. And even though he isn't the young kitten he used to be he will still hold his own with the young cats - and he makes sure that they all know he is still the alpha cat in the house.

Stella has been hanging out with him a lot lately - they both come in the bathroom with me in the morning and at night, and he is actually washing her head right now. They both like the heart shapped pillow, so I think that is what started it - they both want to sleep there. So now they both hang out there together.  Stella is so funny because she is totally a tomboy but she will be super sweet and snuggly sometimes, and in a very girly way. Her chin is looking better but boy she hates when I put the stuff on it - she was so mad the first day she scratched my stomach pretty bad, but that is ok. She was back to her normal self within 5 minutes so it didn't upset her too much.

Lola has been hanging out in her room a lot more lately - she goes through phases. Barney is kind of a bully with her (Virgil used to be and so he saw that growing up) but I do think sometimes that she starts it by getting all huffy if he is too close. And sometimes I think he just wants to play - but she gets mad because she really doesn't. So if she wants to stay upstairs that is ok - I leave the door open so she knows she can come out. She is most tolerant of Gus and Trixie - mainly because they don't hiss if she gets mad they are close, so she then stops. And she is funny - if Barney or another cat is sleeping she will go over and sit by them. And Virgil is fascinated by her room - if I go upstairs he stands by the door and cries to go in. He has mostly grown out of his chasing her phase.

Barney has been acting kind of jealous lately, so I have been trying to give him lots of attention. And he is always still snuggly, but sometimes he will see a cat near me and will bust in and get in front of them to get attention. But then he can be sweet too - he snuggles with Trixie and Stella a lot and plays with them too.

Gus has gotten a lot snugglier lately, which is awesome but also has the problem of almost making me late for work sometimes - I feel guilty leaving when he gets all snuggly. And he wants to snuggle at bed time too. He is the most even tempered cat I have ever seen - he is the observer of the group too - he likes to just sit and watch what is going on. But he will play and chase too of course. But boy, he has the girliest meow of any cat I have ever heard - I will have to get that on video.

Virgil is pretty funny - he is definitely and adult cat now. He loves to yell for attention, and of course he squeaks too. Sometimes he looks at Trixie in the funniest way - it makes me think that he thinks the guy in the mirror from when he was a kitten got out and turned into a girl cat. He is an unusual cat - he can be very snuggly, especially with Brad, but he is also a loner sometimes. And he loves Lola's room and Lola's crunchy food. At first I tried to keep them from eating her crunchies, but I decided that since he could use a little bit of meat on his bones that it is ok - it is for sensitive skin and stomachs, and not for old ladycats (her canned food is for mature cats but the crunchy is for all ages) but it must be tasty too.If he sees me headed that direction he is outside that door like it is a magnet and he is made out of iron.

And Trixie, well she is just so funny - she can be so brave about things, and the other cats don't intimidate her at all, but then some things she gets nervous about, like when I open the catfood bag if it is too loud she doesn't like it. Storms - no problem - she takes after Stella and likes to watch them, but a bag, that is too much. She isn't 100% sure of Brad yet - she goes near him but when he tries to pet her she will leave pretty quickly. But that is ok - he has Virgil so at least one cat likes him a lot (Gus does too actually, and Lola - Kirzon and Stella like him but don't really snuggle). And Trixie loves to play - she will start games of tag or THoE or wrestling with all the cats. She is not scared of Lola and has even touched noses with her (briefly) - they don't snuggle but they sniff each other, and they both hang out in Lola's room a lot.And she is very interested in Kirzon.

Anway, I hope the cat stories made you smile. Tomorrow is the big birthday post - I hope to see you here!!


Sweet Purrfections said...

Yes, thank you for the smiles. I really needed them after the week I had.

Mom Paula

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

A smile in the sadness is indeed a good thing...thank you for all of the love you have sent our way...I know Miss Peach will be sending you angel dust filled kisses from heaven quite often...they will brush softly by your cheek even when there is no wind...just wait and see.
Love Karla

Old Kitty said...

Awww little Trixie will be one year old tomorrow! That's so cute!! I've just been over to see Leo at Celestial Kitties and love the song he and Trixie are singing in the caption over there! Awwwww!

I just think it's such fun in your home with gorgeous Lola, Virgil, Kirzon, Trixie, Stella, Gus and Barney! They're all adorable with amazing personalities and getting all snugglier too! Yay!

Take care

Brian said...

Yes, thanks for the smiles, and Happy Birthday one day early to the beautiful Trixie!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Ooooh that was a lot for mum to read out to us - we enjoy hearing all your news. We hope you are no where near this hurricane and are safe.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

~*Connie*~ said...

thanks for the smiles :)

I hope you all have a wonderful birthday celebration if I am unable to make it on tomorrow (Irene)

JC said...

Happy Almost Birthday to Trixie !!!

(I've been so busy this Summer that I don't get to blog as much as I would like. And, this weekend is another busy one so I will say HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY today.)

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

How funny is it that Trixie isnt sure of Brad and Leo isnt sure of Greg? If Greg tries to pet him, he's gone. Unless it's early in the morning, for some reason he's so attention starved while the human's sleep that the first person up (Greg) HAS to pet him! But other than that, he runs from him.
Since I'm commenting on Saturday instead of Friday, I'm gonna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIXIE!!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the smiles!

Takie Reyes said...

Awww ... Thank you for the smile. We hope you are no where near this hurricane and are safe. happy birth day!

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