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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy First Birthday Trixie!!!

Thanks Ann from Zoolatry for the great birthday picture!!

So today is Trixie's First Birthday! Well, at least it is sometime around today - see we aren't quite sure, because Trixie, and her brother Leo, and their sisters, were found by Chrystal as tiny feral kittens - and we aren't 100% sure when they were born. But Chrystal estimated they were 7 weeks old, and counting back from there brought us to today - so it is the day we picked for their birthdays!

It all started back on October 8, 2010 - Chrystal had gotten a call about a feral mom and her kittens, and had started to try to gather up the family. She got two the first night, one more the next day (Trixie) along with their mom, and the rest after that. They were all adorable but all very scared. With Chrystal's love and care, they all began to come around. Their mom was a total feral, so with her they spayed her and released her back, knowing she would be watched over by her mother-in-laws neighbor, who had originally spotted the family.  The kittens were taken care of and soon they grew into sweet wonderful kitties. That is thanks to the love and patience of Chrystal and her family.

Now around that time, we were helping out with the transport of Ash - the first kitty that was being adopted under the Winnie's Wish campaign.  At the time I hadn't planned on adding to our group - yes all the ferals were just adorable, but we had six and that seemed like a great amount. The transport went great but I have to admit it was very hard for me to part with Ash because he was such a sweetheart and I just instantly fell in love - I actually cried because I missed him after only a couple hours. I think that is really when the thought of another cat started to get in my mind.

Time went by, the kittens got bigger and tamer at Chrystals, and then the holdays came, and then Chrystal was helping puppies, and in the middle of all the craziness Chrystal posted this picture:

And that was it - I was hooked. I couldn't stop thinking about that cutie - all the feral's were adorable of course (Leo was a gorgeous boy who reminded me of Ash, and the other girls are total cuties too), but something about Tuxie, as she was known then, just got me. And Tuxie - so close to the name I had already picked for our next ladycat - Trixie - it just seemed like fate. So I kept talking about her and eventually Brad and I agreed we could make room for one more kitty (but only one more -  believe me two was tempting but I knew that would be out of control in this house).  So back in February we announced that we had decided to adopt Tuxie, and she would be renamed Trixie, and it was so exciting - waiting to meet up with Chrystal to pick her up was tough. But that day came back in February - we met in Effingham (which still makes me laugh when I say the name) and we picked up our sweet girl. She was nervous at first but that didn't surprise me. Once she was out she was the biggest lovebug I have ever met. And things have just gotten better since then (she is sitting next to me now as I am typing this). She has really become a perfect member of the family - she gets along with all the cats and plays with them all. Even the crabby old ladycat Lola likes her - and she hardly likes anyone that isn't human (I think only Gus gets the same amount of respect that Trixie does). She is the perfect size for Virgil to play with - they are close to the same size, and all the others are bigger, she is a snugglebug for Barney and Gus, she is a tomboy to chase around and be chased by for Stella, and she has a good respect for Kirzon as the alpha cat. 

A few months later, Trixie's "big" brother Leo was adopted by Andrea, who started a blog for him and his new sister Star - Andrea is lucky because there was a picture of Leo and Trixie posted at one point that almost had me picking him too (but I knew I could only do one, and honestly I kind of thought about all of the others at one point or another - heck if we won the lottery tomorrow and got a bigger house I would probably bring one up here if not all of them - but it would have go be a big win to get a big enough house at that point!) Leo has grown up into a gorgeous mancat, and it is funny because he looks a lot like his new sister Star, but nothing like Trixie (Trixie was the only tuxie in a family of gray cats - but we know she is related because of their polydactyl mom and her polydactyl sibs). It is funny - when we got Kirzon he was also the only tuxie among a group of calicos.  But oh, when I read the blog, Leo is so similar to Trixie in so many ways! He prefers climbing to jumping (so does Trixie), the TV made him nervous at first (same with Trixie), he likes to pull feathers out of things (yep, that too), and in so many other ways!  So today, as both our blogs celebrate our babies first birthdays both of us together have a wish - we wish that Trixie and Leo's sisters (and of course all of Chrystals other kitties too) would find their perfect forever homes.

Chrystal is one of the most wonderful people I know - she takes in these cats (and dogs) who really need help - but there is only so much room in the cathouse. Right now the cathouse is full - 18 cats that need homes. Now, not only can I say that Trixie is super sweet, but I can also vouch for the fact that it isn't just Trixie - I met Ash and he couldn't have been a sweeter cat. And Leo is sweet too - this cannot just be a coincidence. I know all you other cat bloggers out there will agree that the kitties you adopted from Chrystal are sweet too - this cannot be a coincidence. This is because Chrystal, her daughters, and her husband are such wonderful people and take such good care of all the animals they have there. I have to assume that all the kitties currently in the cat house are the same way - amazingly sweet. And they need to find good homes, so that Chrystal can have room to help more kitties that need it, and so that there can be even more sweet kitties out there for people to adopt. So, if you know ANYONE that is looking for a sweet, loving, wonderful member of the family to add (or two or three - heck, we have 7 so if you haven't reached that yet, well, keep up!) please keep Chrystal in mind and mention them to anyone you know. And, she does have a couple polydactyls there too - so you get more toes for your money (which by the way, is zero dollars - though I of course always think that if you do adopt that sending them home with some stuff for the remaining animals is always a good idea - we always try to load them up with stuff when we meet up with them). Now if you aren't nearby don't worry - things can be worked out (if you are needing a transport to the north, for example, we can always help with a leg of the trip). Chrystal's cats have gone as far as California and Canada - with the power of the Cat Blogosphere behind her they can pretty much make it anywhere - at least on this continent (though I bet there would be some way to get them overseas somehow).  And of course one of the best Birthday presents for Leo and Trixie would be for their sisters to find loving wonderful homes - just look at the pictures that Andrea sent over that prove it (these are from when Trixie and Leo still lived at Chrystals - and include the picture that had me almost adding Leo too - but I am glad that he found his perfect home with Star and Andrea)!!

Ok, so I guess that is all for today - if you haven't met Leo or if you know him but haven't had a chance, please stop by, say Hi, and wish him Happy Birthday! He is such a sweet brother he sent Trixie a birthday present - we will have  a post of her opening it up in a couple days (I am terrible because I have a package for him I just haven't sent out yet - I wonder if that is why Trixie keeps talking to me - she has gotten very chatty lately!)

And if you have the chance stop by to visit Chrystal too - I have the link to the story of the Feral Six up a the top, but be sure to read about all the babies that are there now!!

And of course, I have to again say Happy First Birthday to our baby Trixie Belle - we are so happy to have you in our family!!


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Hey! Hey Trixie! It's me, Leo! Mommy says since you got to comment on my post that I gets ta comment on yers!!
Happy happy birthday sissy! You sure growed up purty! I'm so so so glad you gots such a cool kitty family! So many furends to play with! I only gots Star, and she aint much of a player. Which is why I gets so many toys, weee!
Here's hoping we gets our birthday wishes for our other sisters and other kitties in the cathouse get adopted too!
Have a great day Birthday Girl!
Luv Leo!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy 1st birthday, Trixie! (We've been to wish Leo a happy day too!)

We hope you have a fabulous day, with LOTS of extra treats and cuddles and maybe even a nip fest! :-)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Trixie. It sounds like you have a good life.

ML said...

Happy Birthday, Trixie.
What a fun day, cellybrating yours and Leo's birfdays together.
Chrystal's Cathouse is such a nice start fur all of you's.
We just found out about Trixie and just now posted it on The Cat Blogosphere.
Lots of Love & Purrs,

Madness, Trouble and Squish said...

Happy Birthday Trixie!

Fin said...

Happiest of First Birthdays Trixie! You only have one first birthday ya know!

Repositório said...

Hei Trixie!!!!!!
Happy Birthday sweethearth!!!!!!!!!!

BeadedTail said...

Happy Birthday Trixie! We hope you have a pawsome day! We're so happy you are part of such a wonderful family now!

Natalie said...

Happy happy birthday, Trixie!

Max said...

Happy Birthday, Trixie!

A few Good Cats said...

We love to read those kind of stories. Happy 1st birthday, Trixie! May you have many happy years to come.

The Island Cats said...

Happy Birthday, Trixie!!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Trixie!! *cuddle*

Forty Paws said...

Happy 1st Purrfday Trixie! And many more to come!

Luf, Us

Cat said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Trixie!!!! You are a very lovely girl and we are so happy that you got such a fantastic forever home :-)

Amy we are so glad that Ash (now Jimmy) helped your decision to adopt another kitty, he is a special boy indeed and we are forever grateful that you helped to get him to us :-)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Happy birthday, Trixie! You are one lucky kitty! (So is your brother!)

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Wishing you a Very Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY, Trixie! We are so glad you found such a wonderful and loving home!

The Chans

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful and adorable Trixie!! Me and Charlie are so happy to read about how you and your furr family's amazing journey all the way to your mum Amy's!! Wow - we are just so happy that you now have a brilliant and happy forever home. We wish you and sweet Leo and alllllll your other siblings still at wonderful Chrystal's a very very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are very special and loved kitties!! Yay!!!

Enjoy! Take care x

GRAÇA said...

Happy Birthday, very felis days
SUMMER and you are still beautiful
A good rest and great Sunday
Ronrozinhos of

Brian said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you sweet Trixie!!!

ABBY said...

Happy happy purrday Trixie!
What a wonderful magical story you have and just think you're now an internet star!

Au and Target said...

Happy Birthday, Trixie!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

So sorry we are late ~ but the birthday greetings come from our hearts. Happy birthday dear sweet Trixie ~ and to all your birth siblings too.

Rene said...

Wow, she's a year old already? That hardly seems possible! Hope you spoil the girl rotten today!

Mark's Mews said...

Happy 1st Birfday Trixie!!!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Although our wishes are a little late, Trixie, they are no less sent from the heart! Happy Birthday Sweet One! We hope your day was filled with special attention, lots of treats and surprises, and happiness. It has been a wonder to watch you grow into a Lady Cat this past year and are grateful you and your wonderful family share your lives with us. Happy Birthday.

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Sending late birthday wishes to Trixie. I am so sorry I am late in getting to your place. Hope you had a fun filled day and let all spoil you even more then your every day spoiling. The mom says better late than never but I say better never late. You see how well that works, it doesn't. Oh well.
Love to all at your place especially to my Barney!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Sorry we're so late in wishing you a happy birthday, Trixie. What with the hurricane and all, we were a little light on the visits over the weekend. :(

We sure hope you had a wonderful day, and that the coming year is filled with lots of your favorite things! :)

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Trixie!!

Tia said...

Trixie, a very, very happy birthday to you, and sorry I haven't been to visit in ages!

Please could you tell your Amy people that my kittens have discovered the bag of toys she sent? My human rotates them, so none were down at the time. But the babies found them, and they absolutely love them! The knitted mousies are hidden, the bigger mousies are carried, the pipe cleanrers are the baby's favourite, andthe little soft balls are cuddled when they're going to sleep. They are the bestest toys ever!

Pibble said...

Happy Birthday, Trixie!! You're a big girl now - and beee-u-tiful!