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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Television, Stairs, and that Guy in the Mirror

So Virgil is fascinated by the television. The other three cats couldn't care less if it is on, and since they get in trouble whenever they try to go behind it to pee (the old owners of our home had a puppy that peed there and no matter how much cleaning is done the cats still smell it and feel the need to clean it up) they really don't even care that it is there. Virgil, on the other hand, will sit and watch it. I think he thinks it is real people doing real stuff. Real, interesting stuff. Sometimes he tries to get up there and get to the people. I don't think he likes them, because they don't feed him. But is is so funny to see him just sit and stare at it for a while, like he is trying to figure out what is going on.

Virgil has finally discovered the stairs, and last night was the first time he tried to climb them. He is tiny and fast and made it half way up before I realized he could get up them at all. The problem is that we have open stairs - treads but no risers, just air - so I worry about him jumping off. The three big cats like to sit on the stairs and watch what is going on, but I even worry about them jumping sometimes. They see something, like a chipmunk outside the window, and want to get to it the fastest way possible, which is just jumping down. The stairs also have an open railing so it is double difficult. I am afraid that one day Virgil will be on the stairs, see one of the big cats, freak out, and jump and get hurt. I know they say a cat always lands on it's feet but I have seen times when this is not the case. And he is so tiny that is just seems unsafe. We are trying to figure out a way to kitten-proof them so we can let him run around unattended - right now he is still being kept separate from the big cats when we are gone for long periods of time. For a quick run to the store we let him stay out, although this was before he leared to climb the stairs, so we will have to see in the future.

Then there is that guy in the mirror that just drives Virgil crazy. I expected the other cats to be interested in those cats on the other side of the mirror when we moved in (we have mirrored closet doors in the bedroom) but they didn't even seem to notice. But Virgil likes to watch that guy, and sometimes attack him. He gets real frustrated because 1) he can't get to him and 2) he seems to know all his moves. It is pretty hilarious. I will try to get a picture of him staring at that guy to post - it might be tough with the flash but hopefully I can get enough light going to get a shot.

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