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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friends on Friday on Wednesday!?!

Hi Everyone! So a couple weeks ago I talked about a few of our friends but it didn't seem like they got too many visistors, so I decided to post it again today - first a few new things, but then it is below. I know the holidays make it crazy so I am not surprised that some days get more visits than others!

But first a couple things - first the Holiday Photo Contest is happening for Brighton at the Friends of the CB site - they need entries so head on over! Here is what Gracie said:

There is a holiday photo contest running through December 26 and all you have to do enter is to make a $5.00 donation to Brighton’s auction and send the photo to me. You can enter as many times as you like as long as you make a $5.00 donation per photo. Show something that you especially enjoy during the holiday time. Real photos or photo shopped photos will be accepted. The winner will be announced New Year’s Eve and they will receive a $20.00 prize paw picked out by me. Help me make this a successful photo contest please tell all of your friends about it.
Ok, next, I wanted to clear things up about the blogs - when I say I am 700+ behind that does include duplicates - but according to reader I do follow 515 blogs - not all animals, not all ones I comment on and so the 700 includes blogs with more than one post I have missed. Oh, and of that 515 not everyone posts daily, and some haven't posted in a long time - but I keep them just in case.  So really there are some blogs I am super behind on. I try to visit everyone who comments but that is tough because going back and forth is hard (well, at least it is when you are being sneaky at work) because it takes a while, so a lot of the time I either go alphabetically or by which blogs have the most posts I have missed. I usually read them all but only head over to visit on the latest one (unless they don't send full text to reader - I know some are set that way - then I usually am on the blog for all of them) and comment on that one (unless I see something that really catches my eye). 

Oh, so such cool news - I sent my Christmas cards and I mentioned that I had gotten a comment from Wilfred that he got his - that was cool, and also I got a card from Lorianna from Twilights Muse - I was so happy about that I got a bit teary! It was so good to hear from these old friends!

Tonight we are going to be opening a very special package that came - it is from Gracie, Barney's ladycat, and it will be so fun! She got her package from us and is opening hers at the same-ish time! We will have pics and video tomorrow.

Oh, my earlier non-cat post - wow I didn't expect QUITE that strong a reaction - so to be sure you read it - they lyrics were removed so it was just the music, which is not bad - it is just weird because I would think a lot of parents probably know the song and the lyrics. But the kids themselves wouldn't have heard anything bad. And honestly the song is not horrible (relatively speaking of course - no swearing or anything like that, just a more adult topic in that it is about alcohol)content-wise compared to a lot of stuff, and also I actually really like the song. It just is bizzare.

I also have a very funny post planned (well, in my head at least) that I need to work on - I just have to get some pictures first.

Ok, and now here is our Friends on Friday Repeat on Wednesday!

Hi Everyone - us kitties are taking over today! Yay! We finally get to do a Friends on Friday Post!! We are going to have three friends today if that is ok, to make up for having one for a while! Well, even if it isn't ok that is too bad because well, we have three anyway!

First, we wanted to introduce you to our friend Tia from Cuddles and Catnip! Tia is a cute floofy girl (a Persian) who lives with her human Carly and the dog she likes to call "Dogface" - but who is really Molly. Tia has only been blogging since July but in that time the poor girl has been through a lot, including a scary illness that affected not just her but her human and dogface too! Dogface is her human's assistance dog - her human had bad vision and so she had Molly, excuse me, Dogface, for help. Tia's blog is great because Tia is a feisty girl (which we think it great), and she is a cutie too. The Human has a hard time visiting and commenting on other blogs because of the vision thing, and since a lot of bloggers visit based on comments, we wanted to say that this is the time to make an exception - because it is great, and just because she hasn't commented doesn't mean she didn't stop by (it is the word verification thing that makes it tough). They need way more vists and followers - so go now! Wait, finish the post, then go!

Our second Friday Friend is Ollie, from Blog'n Waco Foster Cat! Ollie is a black kitty who lives with his foster mom and he is super handsome! His foster mom does a post every Tuesday - Artful Cats, with cool cat things from around the internet (the last one was cute cat ornaments).  And on Friday's they like to do a post about black cats - but right now they don't have any new cats to post about (Floyd was on there a while back).  So, be sure to go and meet him too - and if you are a black cat send in your pictures! You will have so much fun getting to know him and of course he is just a cutie too, so you can look at his cuteness!!

And finally, our third Friday Friend is Denali from Kitty Kitty! She is a floofy tabby girl who lives in New Mexico with her mom. Her sister Isis had to leave for the bridge ealier this year, but Denali has continued the blog, and you can still read about her sweet sister there too. She is a good hunter and she likes to tell us what is going on with her and her mom. She has been blogging for a while, and so you may have met her, but if not, well, then you need to go over and say hello!

Ok, that is our return to Friends on Friday for today. We also are participating in the Friendly Friday blog hop, so be sure to check out all the other fun Friday Friends posts too (if you have time of course - if you are like our mom then odds are you will get "too busy" and not get a chance). Mom is going to post our first picture of the Christmas cards we have gotten tomorrow (we hope) and hopefully will get her post of the ecards up too. She is going to print them and put them up with our snail mail cards to decorate so you will probably see them there (if she is not bad about doing it of course!)

See ya!!


ABBY said...

We have introduced ourselves to those wonderful furfriends -- we love your Friends on Friday posts...heheheheee even if's it Wednesday. But we know Christmas Eve is Friday and all our hoomans will be super buzy. Mom still has to start cooking and stuff at the last minute, so she knows she won't be blogging a whole bunch. She went ahead and put our posts together so we will have blog posts but our commenting may be sporadic...kinda like it has been all week, so far. *sigh* I guess I have to give her a little wiggle room and not fuss too much. She's pretty good with helping me blog.

Merry Christmas!

Jacqueline said...

We love your holiday header!...We've missed you guys and wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas=Gus and Stella are gonna love Christmas!!...Kisses, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Awww we met lovely Tia and her bestest pal Dogface :-)We've not been to Olli yet though!!

We can't wait to see the pics of Barney's special package from his kittylove Gracie!! yay!!

And for your funny post too!! :-)

Take care

Brian said...

Thanks for sharing cool friends! New friends are always so much fun. Merry almost to all of you!!!

Cindy said...

We went over and followed! Merry Christmas!

GreatGranny said...

We follow Tia and enjoy visiting her. this is nice, your Friends on Friday post.We will go visit the others mentioned. Merry Christmas to you furriends.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How khool about the dual gift opening event!


meowmeowmans said...

Thanks for sharing about your friends!

Merry Christmas to you all. :)

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Hi Amy,

The size of yoor blogging visiting circle makes our mom's head spin. She's in awe ~ but she said she just couldn't cope wiv visiting that many blogs.

Mom has limited us to the amount we have on our list now ~ we are allowed to visit others (usually flagged up on the CB as having a birthday, or gotcha Day, or being poorly and needing purrs etc) but we can't add anyone else to our regular visiting list unless one on our list members deletes their blog. So the rules are that if we remove a blog, we can add a blog. It's tuff on us, but we know mom wouldn't have time to visit efurryone in the the CB all da time.

We suspect a lot of folk do this now ~ 'cos when the CB started it was a much smaller group ~ and most people visited efurrybuddy. Now it is HUGE and although that's wonderful, it meakes it more difficult to visit ALL members ALL of the time.

Happy Christmas dear friends!

The Paw Relations said...

Thank you so much for our Christmas card. We received it in the post today. We're very sorry that we didn't send you a card, but The Mum has been laid low with the Flu.

There will be a special e-card for everyone on our blog on Christmas day!

Danielle said...

Hi Virgil! I have a some Christmas presents over at my blog for you...

Marg said...

Wow that is a lot of news. We go visit Tia every once in awhile. We had not idea the human couldn't see very well. That is so sad.
We hope things slow down enough for you to have a wonderful Christmas and all the critters do too. Take care.