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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Club is going to be awesome

So we have had a ton of interest in the Naughty Kitty Club and we are all excited - especially Barney. He is celebrating by attempting to take my ice cream right now - hang on. Seriously he reall does want it but to be honest, it is frozen custard. I did let him lick the whipped cream from the lid. It is probably a bad idea to start this with a new dish of custard in front of me, but it is too hard to eat right now (it is from yesterday - I forgot to eat it so it sat in the freezer overnight). Luckily when I put him on his pillow he usually calms down, and that has worked for now.

So let me tell you about his new, fun, naughty thing. We have plastic underbed boxes under the bed - I put them there to make it easier to get the cats out when they need to go to the vet (with the older, bigger cats it works good because they would go to the middle of the underbed area - and it is a king so I couldn't reach them). So Barney, being small, is able to crawl around on top of them, make a lot of noise and make the bed move a bit. I couldn't figure out that last part, until I looked and saw he was laying on his back and moving around using his paws on the underneath of the mattress (there are slats of wood too so he isn't really hurting anything). He did it forever, and then I finally got tired of it and tried to get him to come out. I finally gave up and went in the bathroom and turned the water on, because he always comes running when he knows I am in there. It worked, he came out and then when I got back in bed went straight back under. He did finally stop but it had to be an hour of keeping me up.

The other thing I wanted to mention is a new blog we found - we saw it on Space Paws and went to visit - it is full of great cat info. You may have already seen it on the cat blogosphere but if not you should go visit. It is Sly the Pet Care Guru - lots of info on there and, oh yeah, Sly is pretty cute too! You can click the picture below to go visit.


So the plan is to have the Club all set up on Monday, with a badge and a website of it's own. I want to do something like the M-Cats do with everyone having their picture on their own badge. The first will obviously be practice so I will be using my own naughty kitties, Virgil and Barney. Kirzon and Lola aren't really naughty so they will not be in it (although they are welcome). You don't have to be super naughty or anything like that - you just have to enjoy being naughty - if that makes sense. And of course, although it is a kitty club, I also welcome all our doggie buddies as honorary members.

Watch for the info here on Monday - we are so excited.

Oh, and Virgil wanted me to add that he was super happy to see that Danielle, the cute little tuxie who has stolen his heart, wants to join. And he wanted me to be sure and tell her he says hello!

And two quick adds - see the previous post - there are two kitties in the Chicago 'burbs that need a new forever home. And we almost forgot to thank Misses Peach for showing us how to add the snow for the season - we almost forgot it was on there until we just looked at the blog. She had the info on her site - thanks Misses Peach!!

Ok, I am a dork and forgot that I was going to post about the award I got from Epic - so that will be tomorrows post. I am trying to be better about remembering to post awards right away, and I already messed that up - so starting tomorrow I will be better!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Danielle khan join IF she shares her snow with ME!


The Island Cats said...

Oh we're so excited about the club too!

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! Barney seems to be a a little devil, lol ! sometimes cats have strange tastes. All my cats go crazy for whipped cream, but the cat of my friend eats chocolate !! He loves it !

Alfie Marshall said...

We are SO excited abowt the norty club! We're gonna praktiss being norty all weekend to be sure we've nailed it! Tee hee.

Epic the Cat said...

Can't wait to join the new club, Amy!

And don't worry about the award post, I didn't write mine the same day either. *nose tap*

Ginger Jasper said...

I cant wait to join. I want some snow too. I must have missed that on Miss Peach's log I will go back and look. Hugs GJ x

Cory said...

What a wonderful idea...of course I am NEVER naughty! Ha! Ok, only by accident.

Brian said...

We can't wait for the club to get started, hope you had a peaceful Sunday fur sure!!!

Derby said...

Mum says I belong in the Bad Kittie Kat Klub.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Sounds like fun, but even one more thing right now will be overload... so just know my holiday wishes are with you!
(Amy, how do you do it all????)

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi!!! Thanks for coming to visit! We have missed visiting with all our friends! Mommy is helping uSSSSS catch up today!

Sammy and Andy said...

"Ma" and us thank you for stopping by to wish her a Happy 90th Birthday.....she is having a blast today!!!! xxxxxxx

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

A naughty kittie club! Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Can all join? Do you have to do so many naughty things each day to join? What are the rules???? Be sure to keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

A Naughty Club? We can not wait to see who is naughty!