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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Life is Grand Award

Well, I got the Life is Grand Award from Elin, who is a new friend. We need to list 5 reasons why life is grand, and then pass this on to 5 others. Here are 5 reasons, one for each of us (me and the four cats)

1. For Floyd, life is grand because he is feeling good and finally starting to put on some weight, which means his medicine is working.

2. For Kirzon, life is grand because he gets to sleep wherever he wants - he is the only cat who doesn't get kicked out of places because he is the most trustworthy, and least likely to cause mischief.

3. For Lola life is grand because she is the only girl which means she is the princess!

4. For Virgil life is grand because he was able to find a good home where he has been able to thrive.

5. For me, life is grand because I have been lucky enough to find 4 of the nicest, friendliest cats who love to snuggle. People have told me that they are lucky to have a good mom, but I think I am the lucky one to have them (of course as I type this Virgil has gone onto one of the shelves he shouldn't be on and knocked stuff down, but oh well, it could be worse).

So now I will have to tag 5 blogs to get this one - I pick:

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Angel said...

Congratulations on the award!

Elin~ said...

Life is grand right?