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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lola is the Daily Kitten!

Ok I needed to post a quickie - I am supposed to be cleaning and will be doing a full post later, but I had to let everyone know that Lola is today's Daily Kitten! I submitted one of the pictures I had of her and she is on there today!

Also, I wanted to say thanks for visiting to everyone who is new to the site, and everyone who has commented! I have added a bunch of new sites to my great sites listing and I hope everyone will visit. I also have to say thanks to Elin for the award - I am going to post more on that later (after the cleaning). I have a ton to talk about later, but I really do need to clean (every week I say I am going to but I am usually too tired to do so - I have narcolepsy so weekends are usually a wash). I have some energy today and need to use it before it disapears. Once I am tired of that I will be back with some updates and other stuff.



Angel said...

We saw Lola earlier today. That is one of our daily stops!

Amy said...

Wow, thanks for letting me know! I am glad you enjoy it!