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Monday, April 6, 2009

Craziness and blogs

So I have recently added a bunch of blogs to my list of great sites - I was very excited to find that there are so many cat blogs out there - and I am finding more every day! If you have a chance I would recommend any of them to you - and I am going to be adding even more when I get home from work! There are so many sites with great stories and great pictures - some stories are super sentimental and actually make me a bit (ok a lot) weepy. They are either sad starts with happy endings, or just happy, or sometimes just sad. But they are all wonderful so please take a look if you haven't been to them. It is nice to know I am not the only crazy cat person out there.

(I swear I will get to the cats in a minute or so). Also, you may notice that comments aren't posted right away. That is because I don't want any negativeness on this blog. I have only had one that got rejected - why would you even bother coming here and posting something negative - you could just choose to go somewhere else. Luckily most of the comments have been nice and have been published. If you don't have something nice or constructive to say, just don't bother. There are sites out there where that is ok but this isn't one of them.

Also, you may notice that the color of the orange changes - that is because I can't ever remember the number I used for the orange (I was trying to match the heading) and usually fix it when I get home - when I post from work I just tell it to use "orange".

So now the cats - Virgil is crazy. There - I said it. I think the issue is that he wants to demonstrate dominance over someone, but the other three cats won't have any part of it. Kirzon will do it with Lola (I mean, they are both fixed but he still does the whole symbolic mounting thing to show dominance), Floyd has done it a couple times to Kirzon (he also likes to suck on his blanket - I think that is part dominance and part early weening). Lola is a girl and doesn't really care about being dominant, and Virgil, well he is the baby and tiny. So I have noticed that he has tried it a couple times with my arm. I couldn't figure out what he was trying to do at first - he just kept going after my arm like he was obsessed, nothing would stop him. He has only done it a couple times, and on Saturday when he tried it, it finally occured to me that he was trying to mount my arm - and failing miserably might I add. He usually gives up after a couple minutes, but for those couple minutes he is like a man (man cat) posessed. It is actually pretty funny, and you would think he would just give up eventually, but I usually have to either put him on the floor (he only tried it while I am in bed trying to go to sleep) or squirt him with the water bottle. I hate to say it but if this is his tecnique, and if he were out in the wild and not neutered, he would have a tough time procreating.

Floyd wasn't feeling great yesterday - he occasionally has days where he is a bit under the weather. I could tell because usually when I am cooking, no matter what it is, he will sit and beg. But yesterday I was sitting at the table cutting up tomatoes and he just went to lay down on the wine fridge - he could see what I was doing but wasn't interested (unlike his little brother who was on the table investigating no matter how many times I put him on the floor). I wanted to see if he would eat so I gave him a couple cat treats and he perked up, but he was still hanging out on the wine fridge after that. By dinner time he was better and ate all his food. I think he was afraid he would have to go to the vet this weekend - he kept hiding in the morning, which he only does when he thinks it is a vet day. But he has a could weeks still before he has to go.

Lola was being a bit of a troublemaker, as was Kirzon - they wanted to sleep in my laundry folding area, and no matter how much I tried to get them to move, they would come right back. Kirzon loves laundry of all kinds - if he can he will sleep in it, so I will usually make a pile in the bathroom - there isn't a lot of room for a hamper, and a neat pile makes a great bed until time to wash it. Lola loves the blankets downstairs and those were just washed, so she was happy about that. And then when I was trying to fold shirts she kept jumping up and laying down in the way. Virgil was fascinated by the laundry this time and tried to play with it while I folded - not sure why this time was so exciting.

Finally, the french fry freak was very beggy on Saturday - I had McDonalds and he just loves fries. Even though he isn't supposed to have high fat foods, I have to admit I did give him one tiny one - he just loves them so much. I took a couple pictures of him staring at the fries, I think he was trying to will them into his mouth with his mind. He wasn't successful but I will post those when I get home. What I would really like to do is get a picture of the cats with bunny ears on, but I dont' know where to get tiny ones for a cat - I could see if they make them for tiny dogs, but I may just end up making a blingy version.

Anyway, I will have the fry begging photos and hopefully a few more when I get home from work - yes, you can tell I am working hard today by how long this is. Also, like I said at the begining, please check out all our new blog friends - I am going to be adding more to the list as soon as I can!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Ooo ... I wanna see the photo of the "fry begging," 'cuz Mom offers 'em to me an' I'll only sniff. I did try to take off to of her fingers when she dangled pulled pork near my nose, but that's another story. Hee, hee.

Angel said...

Those are Crazy cats! BUt pretty cats!