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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Floyd update

So I haven't posted in a couple days - things have been crazy at my job and we had a major layoff today, so I have been a bit stressed out. I did talk to the vet on Monday - he was back from being sick, and he said that yes, Floyd has lymphoma, and there are 3 options to go with. I went with the second one - not the most aggressive but not the most simple either. It is prednisone every day with luekeran every 72 hours (so every three days). He said that it would give him almost the same life expectancy as the more aggressive treatment, and since Floyd hates car rides and would mean less visits to the vet it would probably be less stressful.

The good news is that diet doesn't really have an effect on the lymphoma, so that means Floyd can go back to regular cat food - which is good because I think he is getting sick of having the same food every day - he prefers variety.

He seems like he is still feeling fine - he is as crazy as always and is always hungry. We will see how he tolerates the medicine but right now he is doing ok on it.

As far as the other cats, they are, well, the same. Virgil is sleeping in my lap right now - he has been getting into trouble lately by jumping up on the cabinet below the TV. Floyd and Lola are just being their normal selves - sleeping a lot and eating and playing sometimes, getting annoyed by Virgil a lot.

Oh, so we didn't end up cleaning this weekend - job stress is getting to me so I slept a lot - so there aren't any fun cat pictures from the adventure. But we have to do it this weekend because it is getting out of hand. So hopefully I will have some new pictures soon. If not of the cleaning adventures with the cats then at least some of them just hanging out.

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