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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleeping with Cats

So the cats have decided to change up their sleeping arrangements at night. Lola is now sleeping on the bed (she usually sleeps down on the couch) and whenever Virgil comes up she gets mad and hisses at him. She still doesn't like him. She had gotten better at tolerating him before he went to the vet but ever since he is came back she has been mad at him. Kirzon has been crabby with him too but not as bad - if he is on the bed and Virgil comes up he just moves instead of getting mad. Floyd just leaves if he shows up. The problem is that Lola makes every effort to sleep somewhere where it is uncomfortable for the person. You can tell she is feeling around to find where your leg is so she can get right up to it so you can't move. They have always done this, where they sleep one place for a while and then switch to a different one, and then switch back. Right now Kirzon is sleeping at the top of the bed on my pillow, and Floyd is sleeping downstairs. Virgil has been wandering around at night making a lot of noise, but when I wake up he is usually on the bedroom chair. For some reason he loves to dig at the paper we have up on the railings and make a TON of noise. I had a talk with him about it and he stopped for a while, but he was at it again a lot last night. We are going to start taking the paper down gradually but I honestly wish there was a permanent solution to block it off. I am not a fan of any of the cats being able to play there but especially Virgil, because he is so tiny still, at least compared to the others. Hopefully it won't be a temtation for him to play there because I am always worried about him falling, and since he is the daredevil who does sommersaults off the couch it makes me nervous to think of him trying that on the stairs.

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