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Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Floyd Update

Well, I didn't hear from the vet today - they thought they would get the test results today but hopefully they will have them tomorrow so I can give a Floyd update.

I think right now he isn't feeling great - he isn't eating much and he barfed a couple of times, although it was just water and stomach acid most of the time. Someone barfed up some crunchy food, and he is the only one who ate it - the others had canned - so I am guessing that was him. He is eating his crunchy food but he isn't interested in the canned - he is so picky and wants variety and the problem with the prescription food is that he doesn't get it. If he doesn't eat tonight I will give the vets a call even if I don't hear the test results. He is still acting fine and he is still begging for people food so I just am not sure how he is feeling. It could just be that he isn't feeling well today - we all go through it - even people. Like I said, if he isn't better by tomorrow I will give the vets a call.

Other than that the rest of the cats are pretty normal. I was eating ice cream, and had out the whipped cream, and Virgil went up and started licking the nozzle it comes out of. What a weirdo. Luckily the can was pretty empty.

I will post a Floyd update tomorrow whether or not I hear from the vet with the test results - I am sure I will talk to one of them either way.

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