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Monday, January 26, 2009

Floyd update pt. 2

So we are back from the vets office. Floyd now has an additional bare patch on his front leg from where he had an IV during the scope. Turns out that they went in through his mouth. I thought it would be from the other end. The vet showed me the pictures from his stomach and his small intesting - weird. They biopsied a couple spots and should have the results on Thursday. The vet said it is most likely inflamatory bowel but there is still a possibility of it being lymphoma. In either case we will know on Thursday and have the treatment options then. So I will update you when I hear.

Lola isn't real happy that Floyd was at the vet, but she hates anyone who has been to the vet so that isn't a surprise. What is surprising is that Virgil is bothered that Floyd was at the vet. He has been hissing and growling at him when he gets too close. He does have a medicinal smell so I can see how that would freak the cats out.

Floyd was starving when we got home but had to wait until after 6 pm to eat - he sat and stared at me until I was able to feed him, and then he went at it like a crazy man. Should be easy to get him to eat his dinner today.

Anyway I will post an update when I have one.

Talk to you later.

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