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Friday, January 30, 2009

Floyd Update (sort of)

So I called the specialty vets office this morning to find out about the test results - turns out the doctor went home sick Tuesday and has been out all week. They did have the results, and were going to fax them to the other 2 vets. I plan to call my regular vets office this afternoon to get the results. I asked them to let the doctor know that I was still hoping to get his opinion on the treatments because he seemed like he had some good ideas and they said they would let him know when he gets back.

The good news is that Floyd is back to eating his squishy food. He ate about half of it last night and this morning he ate the whole thing. There was also no barfing. Also good. I did notice one thing on Wednesday that I forgot to mention, and that was that he was burping - which is weird since he does't do that too often. So I am wondering if that is part of the problem with him not eating the squishy food. Either way he is eating it now so that is good. I would give him all crunchy if I had to but I prefer that he have both.

Anyway I will try and post somethign once I find out what the test results are, so check back later.



Anonymous said...

I saw the pic of ur kitty on cute overload, he is adorable. I dont know if it is the same thing but my cats lips got swollen like that and we found out that it was all due to a plastic food dish that we had bought. He apparently had a plastic allergy and so do many cats. I switched to a ceramic bowl and no issues since. Your kitty may have something else but I felt compelled to tell you since it did appear painful when my cat had it and he would also refuse to eat! Hope he feels better :)
-Another kitty lover

Amy said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! Luckily that is just how Virgils lips are normally - no problems there (I think that the shot makes them look a little crazy and bigger but they have always been pink - even as a tiny baby, and he has been to the vet many times since we first got him). It is actually his big brother who is the sick one. I always appreciate when people give ideas when they think something is wrong - it has helped out with a lot of things with in the past with the group.