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Friday, January 30, 2009

Floyds Diagnosis

So I talked to my regular vet today and it turns out that Floyd has mild lymphoma. I have read some things on the internet about it and am getting mixed impressions of what will happen. We are waiting to hear from the specialty vet to decide what the course of action will be. The specialty vet said that if it was lymphoma he thought it would be mild and that they would probably put him on prednisone and something else and that he should still be able to live a prety good life. I am really hoping this is the case. If everyone could send some good thoughts Floyds way right now, however, it would be greatly apprciated. He is sitting here right now begging for whipped cream (I am eating ice cream and have the can of whipped cream here - both he and Virgil know what the whipped cream can sound means). Since we want him to gain weight, I have to admit, I did give him a little. I know it isn't his special food but sometimes you need a treat.

Anyway, I will try and get some pictures of the group this weekend and post them - there is a lot of cleaning to do here and so it could make for some fun pictures.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that it seems like Virgil has gotten over his fear of Floyd - he lost his medicine smell so I think that helps.

Later and keep the good thoughts coming for Floyd. I know some of you have posted comments before wishing him well and we really do appreciate it, more than you could know.

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tess said...

get betta soon floyd