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Monday, December 8, 2008

Virgil's first Christmas!

Well, this is Virgil's first Christmas, and the other cat's 10+ so it is an exciting time. Virgil hasn't knocked over the tree yet but because he is still young we decided to go a different route this year and not put up our usual ornaments. Usually we put up 2 trees, one has pretty glass ornaments and the other has all the sentimental ornaments. I didn't want any of those breaking so we decided to do a tree with less breakable ornament. Because of this I decided to get a new tree and go completely retro with it. So instead of a green tree we have a white tree with hot pink, turquoise and lime green ornaments - I was even able to order hot pink, turquoise and green lights with white wires. That way if Virgil does try to play with the ornaments or climb the tree it won't be as big a deal, because the ornaments are unbreakable.

The only problem we have had with the cats at all so far is that they want to chase the lights while I am putting them up, and I don't want them biting the wires. Both Virgil and Lola like to go after wires, and I am always having to stop them. They also keep fighting under the tree which makes me worry about them knocking it over. I have some pictures I will post later. There are some of them fighting but mostly they just look like blobs under the tree in those.

Kirzon and Floyd are pretty unimpressed with Christmas this year. Kirzon usually sits under the tree in the kitchen, but we don't have that up since we only did one tree this year. So he has nowhere to sit. Floyd really doesn't care about Christmas too much. He just knows that one day a year they get a bunch of new stuff. They all have stockings - same type, different colors, so they get a lot of toys. This year I got them Christmas outfits to try and get pictures of them in. They had 4 different styles at Target, with one that was specific to girl cats, and I have 4 cats with one girl cat so it seemed like fate. I am hoping for Floyd as Santa, Lola as Mrs. Clause, Kirzon as an elf and Virgil as a reindeer. If I am able to get them in the outfits I will take some pictues and post them.

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