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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Virgil: King of the Dumbasses

Now, I love Virgil. He is a very sweet kitty. But he isn't always the smartest cat. Today he was being bad and got on top of a cabinet we put under the TV. Normally he climbs into the area where the cable box and dvd players are, which he gets in trouble for, but this time he was on top, which he also got into trouble for. I told him to get down, because sometimes he will, and this time he didn't, so I stood up to get him down and instead of jumping down to the floor in front of the cabinet, he decided to go into the tiny area between the cabinet and the wall. Now, the cabinet is more than 3 feet tall, more than 5 1/2 feet wide and heavy (it is actually 2 cabinets next to each other). The area he jumped into is about 6 inches wide. So he got to the bottom and got stuck - and he couldn't walk out the side because the cabinets are right next to the sliding doors, so the end where he might have gotten out is smaller because of the frame around the doors. So he tried jumping up and couldn't but he was able to get a bit higher by climbing on the cables that come out the back. I went to get a screwdriver to take the top portion off the cabinet and decided to try and reach him first. I couldn't quite get him so I tried moving the cabinet foward and got it to move and inch or two. Vigil boosted himself up on the cables and I was able to grab him by the scruff of the neck and get him up. He was happy to see me at first but now he is sitting at the landing of the stairs kind of pouting. Because he knows he will get into trouble if he tries it again. So now we are going to have to find a way to block that opening so he can't get down their again. I would hate it if he got stuck there while I was at work - it could be hours of him trapped and he would be scarred. He is getting really bold about jumping up places he should not go, so I am trying to figure out ways to stop him. Hopefully we can at least block that opening.

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