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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Toy Exchange (Finally!)

So, I finally am getting around to posting about the toy exchange we did with Tia and Carly at Cuddles and Catnip. I did the pictures in a smilebox, because there wre a lot, and since Carly can't see them I thought I would do a description of the cats and the toys. I hope you like it!

So, we got the package after Trixie was here - so she was able to do a lot of meeting and inspecting that way. When the package was closed it wasn't too interesting but as soon as I cut it open everyone had to start inspecting it - especially Barney (you can see he stood on it in the pictures). As soon as it was open the smell of catnip filled the air and other cats started showing up - the only ones not here were Lola, who didn't come down, and Virgil, who waited off to the side for some reason.

Carly was smart and took the toys out of the packaging - better for shipping and inspecting. There was a TON of cute stuff - mousies, balls, a duckie (which was SUPER popular) and also some want toys, and a cute cube with hanging toys in it - we have had cubes but none that fancy - and two very cute blankies - a pink one and a blue one (perfect since we have boys and girls). And of course, something Carly didn't think of as a toy is my guess - bubble wrap (fun for me but the cats love it too).

In addition to the toys, there were TREATS too - but for the first time ever the cats didn't go for those because there were so many toys to explore! Gus and Stella went straight to the cube. Barney got very territorial and any time someone tried to get the toys he wanted they got the smacky paw. The cool thing is that Kirzon was really into the toys too - they had a great nip smell and he loves that. He also put the smacky paw down - he even got Barney. Barney adored the ducky - you can see him licking it in the pictures. I think that is what Kirzon was going for too but he decided to sit on the blankies instead.

Trixie went for the wand toys.  There was one with a pink birdie on it that she grabbed and took off with - not far but still, she liked it. It was so funny.

There were a ton of great mousies and balls too - once Virgil was ready to visit (which was post picture time) he loved them.  Oh, and crinkle balls - I almost forgot those. They are also popular - they are still around because they turn up sometimes (I think they hide them from each other). And fo course they treats and everythign - they loved it all. It was the perfect package because it literally had something for everycat! They are still enjoying everything! Thanks so much Tia and Carly!!

Ok, now here is the Smilebox for your enjoyment. I didn't get much visiting in today because work is stupid. I am sure you are all tired of hearing about how much I hate my job, so I decided to restart my blog titled I Hate My Job. I can vent there when I need to which is a lot of the time. I hope you are all having a good week and hopefully things will calm down and I can get to see everyone this week!!

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Katnip Lounge said...

That's an incredible stash of toys! That would keep us amused for DAYS! Mommy says she will bookmark your other blog.

Huffle Mawson said...

Yay for toys!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

It is so cool how focused and curious and interactive they are as they explore their "treasures!" What a wonderful friend to send such great things.

ABBY said...

So glad the kitties loved all of their toys and treats!


caspersmom said...

It's always so much fun to recieve a toy box and find out what is in it. Even get some munchies in it too.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

The smilebox pics are lovely. Wot fantastic gifts!

Mom said she so understands abowt yoor job ~ yoo should vent abowt it whenever you want ~ we all understand. Nobuddy will mind.

Tia said...

Hi Amy

We're so glad to see this post! So they loved Mr Duckie, did they? He's my absolute favourite! Do you remember I wouldn't let him go, and, er, bit him and dribbled on him and everything before he went in the package? Oh, the human says if you open the velcro in his back, you can replace the catnip too. She says I'm also to tell you that when they destroy the cube, you're not to worry about it. They were made for ripping... Honestly! I play real nice with all my toys and even I put holes in these! That's part of their appeal.

I'm so glad everybody liked everything that was sent!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a kitty toy extravaganza!

Admiral Hestorb said...

WHAT a stash! Seriously. My goodness..Mommy? Did you see that? Hint hint??

Brian said...

Such fun and what a grand time!

Hannah and Lucy said...

You won the jackpot with all those toys - we are sure you are all going to have great fun.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Rene said...

I love how Barney was first in on the action and in many of the photos. :-) And the in-air shot of Trixie with the wand toy was super cute.

Marg said...

That is such a good idea to have an exchange of used toys. That really is a bunch of toys. It sure sounds like you had a great time with them. Hope you had a fun day.

Madi and Mom said...

Holy jumpin' cats if you need me to come help you play with them just Meow,

Remington said...

Great idea! Ozabella said to say Hi to Gustin. She is busy doing girl stuff or something....she is always busy.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog.
And here we are meeting all of you!
You al look very pretty and you have a beautiful site!

Old Kitty said...

What a brilliant brilliant package of gorgeous toys including the bubble wrap!! Awww how thoughtful of Carly and Tia!! Yay!!

Enjoy, enjoy!! Take care

Ayla, Iza, and Marley said...

That sure is a lotta GREAT stuff you guys got! We only recognize the balls in front (which are Marleys favrits). But we just KNOW they are ALL great.

Tia said...

Marg, they weren't used. The human just took them outta the packaging to reduce shipping weight and so that my friends on the other end wouldn't have to wait before they could start playing! Only problem was that when she went to work, she left the toys in bags ready to be posted. She thought they'd be safe cuz i don't normally go in bags, but I'd seen her put Mr Duckie in there. I have a Mr Duckie, and he's my one true love! Well, one of them anyway. So I just had to go find him and in the process, I scattered the toys everywhere. The human found me cuddled up in the middle of it all with Mr Duckie. She asked Amy whether or not to still send him cuz I'd played with him, but we decided he'd go in the package, much to my dismay! I've found my old one again though, so it's Ok. Nuh uh, nothing used... Just energetically played with once!

Sagira said...

That sounds like a great time! I love doing exchanges, they are always so much fun.