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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi Everyone! Wow, the past 24 hours have been interesting. We got 21.1 inches of snow total here in Downers Grove, and that was in less than 24 hours. The snow was up to the hood of Brad's truck from the plows clearing the streets, and above his tires just on its own (the drifts are crazy high - seems like they are worse on our side of the street). In order to clear the driveway he had to move the truck out so he just rammed his way through (crazy if you ask me, but of course my car would have been burried if it had been out - I have a Mini). It took a couple tries but it worked - and everyone who was out clearing thought it was hilarious. We have a snowblower so it wasn't as bad for us (or our next door neighbor because we live in a townhouse and have a shared driveway with him - so he lucked out!) This morning he went for food - Dunkin Donuts - and it was actually open. Because of course we stocked up on cat food (and droped it) but didn't for ourselves (we have stuff but nothing tasty really). Later he went to do his parents and went to try and get real food (not just donuts) and nothing is open except for the Dunkin Donuts and the bagle place - so I got bagles for dinner. Then he had to go down to work - apparently it is just a huge mess there and no one has snowblowers and there are computer problems at the school so he left around 4 pm. He can't get any cell phone service there and that is no fun. But he did take the snow blower to lend to his friends down there to use so that will help. It is a good thing he has a big 4 wheel drive truck. He was going to do his parents driveway too but then the whole computer thing was a problem. I had planned to spend the day visiting everyone's blogs but didn't get the chance - I have been super stressed lately but today I decided to just relax and not think about anything and watch a lot of TV. So I spent the day chilling with the cats - they loved it (I even have Virgil with me on the couch right now - a rare thing to be sure). Brad got a new camera and so last night we took some great cat pictures with it - but I am going to post those tomorrow (they are good but the color balance was off so I need to fix them). BUT I do have pictures of the snow - lots of it. I tried to get a good perspective to show the depth - I can't believe how much there was and seriously it was less than 24 hours of snowfall. There was sun by noon, and it started at like 1:30 ish yesterday. I tried to get the cats in the picture to give a bit of an idea but that was tough. There is also one that has a little yellow thing showing - that is the top of a fire hydrant. Some are from the back, some from the front - all from inside of course! Oh, and that last one is a bunch of ducks or geese that were napping across the way - there is a creek behind our house and they are usually there but I guess they wanted to be up higher for their nap. I hope you like them, and be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the kitty pics!


Brian said...

Oh my goodness! I sure hope it goes away soon! Brrrrrrrrrrr! Y'all keep snuggly warm.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

As a former Chicagoan, momma says that she feels your pain! Doesn't look like it would be as much fun now as the famous Blizzard of 1967 was (she was a grader school kid then)...but you might be too young to even remember that one.

Angel and Kirby said...

Oh My Gosh! That is a lot of snow! We had ice! WE chipped some off the sidewall and it was 2 inches thick solid ice! We will not thaw out till the weekend!

ABBY said...

Glad that you are all safe and sound!
Warm and indoors.
What a storm.


Mr. Pip said...

I didn't know you were in Downers Grove! My husband grew up there. We had about 21 inches in the city, too!
Not fun shoveling.

Danielle said...

Wowie! You really got lotsa snow! We're glad that you are all OK though. The human bean has some realitives in Chicago and they got a buncha snow too.

Natalie said...

Whoa, that is serious snow! Glad you are safe!

Stella said...

Its fun to surf around and see lots of peoples BESIDES Us who have finally got some big snow. We have had feets of it and then they predicted a bigger storm coming. You got it and we didn't!
Wahoooo! I hope you are keeping warm and doing OK!


Cara n Crew said...

yoW! That's a lot of snow! sounds like you had a nice day chillaxin :). Stay warm!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

That is WAY too much snow!

Anonymous said...

We have waist-high snow here, too! Mama got to shovel for the first time in 20 years and now her back hurts!

Old Kitty said...

Wow! That is some snow. Wow. You guys and gals and kitties take care please please please!! I find it surreal that Dunkin Donuts have remained opened under such serious circumstances!

Take care please! xx

Hannah and Lucy said...

Now that is some snow fall - glad you didn't have to shovel the snow to get your mini out - if you could have found it!!
Keep warm and safe.
luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Rene said...

Yep, that looks like our neighborhood too! We got about 22" in 24 hours. Luckily, we had plenty o' food in the house for people and kitties alike and didn't have to go out!

Mr. Pip said...

Hi! My papa graduated from Downers Grove South in 1985. I think he grew up on a street called Webster, but need to double check.

Your pal, Pip

Debra Taylor said...

thanks for the pics - wow - no cell service - does sound like snowmageddon! I hope all goes back to normal soon. And I wish for you an early spring!

For other folks (all of you kitties and doggies are certainly people!) reading this, check out my blog. I manage a homeless cat colony and a few foster cats. Get your ‘beans to check it out!
Hey, wonderful creatures stay well!



GreatGranny said...

That's some snow, but you have a bunch of little furbabies to snuggle with....love the pix of them and the snow pix.