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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I don't have a specific post to do today so here is a bunch of randomness - some is important, like the first one, some is just goofy, like the second one.

Our friends at The Misadventures of Me did a great post about the Grayson County Humane Society - they were getting food donations from Science Diet, but that program has ended and now they need help. Please head over to check out the post, and help if you can!

I hated my lunch today - don't know why you needed to know that, but I felt the need to tell you. I ended up only eating a few bites and then my yogurt. I am sure that is super exciting for you to read.

Kirzon has what we like to call at our house "The Crazy" - anyone can get it - cat or human (probably dogs too). He is really showing his authority and doing the dominance thing on everyone constantly. Barney tries but just is not good at it - he comes in from the side, totally misses the back of the neck. I have to stop him sometimes because it is just so sad to see.  Virgil has done it a few times - usually only to the girls. Gus hasn't started it yet that I have seen.

I will be getting my list of people for cards together today and also replying to everyone who emailed for my address. I promise I will take care of at least that part of it today. We are going to the storage area to get the Christmas stuff so I don't know how much time I will have.

According to Brad I am much happier now that I have been getting caught up on visits by bringing my laptop to work. Once we move that will probably have to end but I am keeping it up til then.

Oh, in additional lunch news, I watched 2 episodes of Futurama at lunch today - I have a bunch of stuff on my Zune to watch. One I watched is Parasites Lost - about a bunch of alien parasites that infect Fry and make him "better" - smarter, stronger, healthier. Every time I read about one of our friends having worms I say to myself "too bad they aren't the good kind" - and I am not sure but I might put that in comments too. If you ever see that, I am talking about the alien ones from Futurama (in fact when Virgil had worms as a kitten I know I mentioned it).

Oh, so I try to always put "our favorite birthday/gotcha day song" in the comments when I am commenting on a Birthday/Gotcha Day post - that is also from Futurama. If you ever wondered what it sounds like in my head go to THIS SITE and click the link for #5 (it has the text there too). Obviously I substitute whoever's name is appropriate for Nibbler's name. The rythm is usually changed because the names don't fit right but still I think it is cute.

I am actually typing this  while at lunch, but will be posting it later because I am hoping to add some random photos - I guess we will see if that actually happens!

In case you can't tell, I am a big fan of Futurama - but so far none of the cats are named after characters from the show.  I think it is because I use cartoon character names for inanimate objects (like my computer's name is Dr Girlfriend, my Tivo is Jon McGuirk, my Zune is Frisky Dingo, which tecnically is not a characters name but is the shows name and I thought it was cute), and live action TV show names for the cats. 50% of the cats at HoC are named for TV characters (Kirzon, Barney and Gus). If we ever have the room for a dog I am not sure what I will do - maybe movies.

Virgil and Stella have been playing THoE (Thundering Herd of Elephants) a lot lately - and not even in a mean, fighty way. I think they are becoming friends. Virgil and Lola are getting along better too - Virgil always says Hi to Lola when he goes in her room by rubbing up against her. Gus rubs up against Virgil too - they play sometimes, but lately it seems like it is more a Stella/Virgil thing. I think he likes her because she is the only cat smaller than he is.

At the moment it seems that the majority of people think I should use the card for the header, so I am going to do that. I just need to get it up, and get the background all worked out.

Ok, that is all the randomness for now - unless I do get some pictures in here. I know there are no new ones on the camera but I will try to get a few when I get home - if I was able to, well, here they are! And if not, I will find something to put here.

Ok, it is now 8 pm - and yay! I have pictures - a bunch I took about 10 minutes ago!  Some are obvious, but some need explaining - see we have open stairs, but when we first got Virgil we needed a way to block them temporarily. We used a couple carpet runners from Ikea, and they have survived til now. The exercise bike is currently pushed under the stairs (moved for the holidays) and when Brad brings his dry cleaning home he will hang it from the stairs til he goes upstairs. The problem is the cats like to try to play with it. So the pics of Stella by the dry cleaning are her trying to play with it, and Gus reaching around the runner to try and get her. I also got some of him on the landing, then Barney came and wanted to be in some pictures, and then he and Gus started wrestling. So hopefully that makes sense of these - you have to look at the ones of Stella to see Gus's paw sticking through (on the left side). Oh, and yes I did add the ones where Barney walked right in front of the camera (they are funny to me) and no I didn't go back and reread the randomness above because if I did and I edited it what fun would that be.  Enjoy!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks fur the sweet dream materials ;-)

PeeEssWoo: Randomness rokhks!

Natalie said...

I enjoyed the randomness! I did not enjoy my lunch either - Thanksgiving leftovers are getting really boring.

The kitties are so cute, as always!

wildcatwoodscats said...

Love the cuties wrestling! Glad bringing the laptop is working for now. Like the THoE term - even when one of our hefty cats runs it sounds like THoE! We went to get our tree today - hopefully getting it up over the next day or so and doing cards!

caspersmom said...

Looks like Barney was really interested in you taking pictures of him. Stella turned around and said "Oh look at me." And it looks like Gus and Barney are having a good time in their wrestling match. Enjoyed the pictures.


Ayla and Iza, said...

Not to ignore all the pictures an other good stuff, but we are big fans of Futurama here. We know that episode well. Our favrit is when they discover Fry's dog Seymour. We always cry at the end...

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

It's random cuteness!!!

Cara n Crew said...

:) Our mom is a Futurama fan too but hasn't seen it in ages! We're sure now she'll be adding it to her Netflix line-up (we don't have a tv).

Great pictures!
-Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Old Kitty said...

I love love love your new look blog and your header is terrific!! Awwwww!! Brilliant!! And I'm so glad you are happier at work for now. Enjoy!

I hope you have a better lunch today! :-)

Thanks for the link to Grayson County Humane Society - it's always awful when a company a charity relies stops being er.. charitable! I wish them all the best with their fundraising efforts!

Oh Kirzon!!! Awww he wants to be Top Cat!! And Barney is so cute and sweet - awww - maybe he'll get some tips off Kirzon!

I love Futurama!!!

I will never forget one Futurama episode that TRAUMATISED me and continues to do so.

It was about this stray dog that Fry adopts when he delivered pizzas. But when Fry gets transported into the future the doggie stayed very faithful and waited for Fry every day until the doggie got old and died.

Oh I cried and cried! I'm feeling upset just remembering this!!!!
OH dear!!

Time to look at your gorgeous pics of sweet Gus and Barney!!! Awww they look so adorable together!

Take care

Zona said...

You didn't eat lunch? That is one of my nightmares!!! :( Hopefully today is better!


Rene said...

That first photo of Barney makes me laugh. I know what you mean about not liking your lunch. I get tired of lunch items easily. Your Christmas theme is so fun.

Sammy and Andy said...

We loved all your gorgeous pix!!!!!!!

Love to y'all.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Yoor blog looks simply stunning today ~ and we love the pix, and we love the noos. Oh ... and we love yoo too.

Milo and Alfie xx

ABBY said...

Terrific randomness!
Beautiful pictures and we hope you can continue to enjoy using your laptop!


The Crew said...

Love your new holiday header!

Regarding the screening issue, my husband got heavy duty small mesh chicken wire and nailed it over the bottom of the torn screen door, then framed it out with wood. We got the door itself at Menards for about $40 or so and it worked well until either Gino or the dog, Reyna, tore the screening. So far, the chicken wire mesh is holding!!

Crew's Mom

Brian said...

Those are great pictures and I love your background and header, so festive!!!

OKcats said...

We have had the cat crazies, too - worse than the ones we got when fall arrived! Fuzzy especially has been super silly and zoomy. Zoe loves it because she doesn't get growled at or smacked when she chases Fuzzy, and Fuzzy chases her too!