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Monday, July 26, 2010

We are back!

So first I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments - they really do help me to feel better on sad days. I will be doing another non-cat post on 8/9 for my parents anniversary. See my dad wrote some books on our family history, and so I was looking at them (I found another picture of my mom I was going to add to the one of her and Misty, but then I couldn't get it to scan - because the book won't stay in the scanner, it will take two people because it just tips out). It is funny our blogoversary is two days before.

Anyway, lets see, Kirzon is so far being good about his pills - they have a meaty flavor/smell added so I think that is way I am able to hide them in the pill pockets. He found it once but I just put it in a new pill pocket and it was fine. No change in the nasty breath, but it has only been two days. There wasn't any drool on his pillow so that was a good thing.

So Lola, she may be headed to the vet because she is still peeing. But only on the bed or the couch. On Sunday Brad was sitting on the couch, on top of a blanket with a new blanket also there. Lola walked up to him and was by him for a minute and left. He put his hand on the couch and there was a river of cat pee! Now I will admit I needed to clean the litter that day and hadn't yet but there was at least one that was perfectly clean she could have used. There have been a few more spots on the bed too (they are usually dry when I find them - because the other cats find them and make that "I smell cat pee" face). So I am debating taking her to the vet to get checked out. I am going to watch her for a few days because honestly she isn't acting like a cat with a bladder issue, she is acting like a crabby old lady who is pissed (the kittens are getting a lot braver with her and Virgil has been chasing her for the past couple days - which is not unusual but it goes in spurts). I just don't know what to do if it is the angry thing - I guess covered in plastic will be the way we live for a while. If we need to separate her so she can be calmer we will have to figure that one out, but no matter what she will be staying with us (she is still super snuggly with me and Brad). Since we have a big vet trip coming up in a couple weeks (Kirzon and the kittens) I am going to watch her til then - if need be she will make the trip too (which may mean she has to stay so they can get a sample - at this point I would hate to do it but it may be necessary).

Virgil is totally a mancat now - he has a lot more fur on his chest. Barney is following him into that - he is getting a lot less pear shaped. He is eating less of the canned food lately, but I know he steals kitten crunchies any chance he gets. He is still totally hanging out with Gus and Stella. Virgil is getting calmer with the kittens and he doesn't get as mad when Stella is nearby - she still has a little crush I think. And Virgil is a very handsome boy, so I can understand it!

And Gus and Stella, well, they are giant now. They will be 4 months old on Saturday (7/31) but they seem older to me. Especially Gus. He is going to be a giant! Stella is still much more kitteny then Gus - Gus is a cat now, at least when you look at him. He still acts like a kitten - he is a total sweetie too. They both are so funny and they run around like crazy people. And the funny thing is they have suddenly gotten in to playing with the toilet paper. It never happened before but then this weekend it happened three times - one night then last night in two different bathrooms. It is funny because we heard a story about their sister doing the same thing at the vets this weekend - I think Kirzon heard it and told them about it!

Anyway, I will try to get pictures up later - hopefully they will want to cooperate so I can take some new ones! They are so active lately it is tough!


Kea said...

We just want to send lots of purrs and good vibes to Lola. Better to have her checked and rule out any physical issue, though, if she keeps it up. Or if you can get a fresh urine sample from her, take that in and have it tested, perhaps?

Good luck!!!!

The Creek Cats said...

Welcome back! Not sure if we mentioned this to you before.....have you tried Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter? Maggie May hasn't peed outside the litter box since we started using it in her box. Before she was peeing on Dixie's bed or anything like towels or clothes that were left on the floor.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww - the post about your mum was very sweet! I look forward to more!

Oh great that Kirzon is taking his pills ok! I hope he gets better!

Awww for Lola!! Gosh maybe it's her way of re-establishing her territory? Is there a homeopathic remedy to calm Lola down maybe? That's if it's not anything physical that's troubling her. I hope it's nothing physical!! Good luck with Lola - it's very difficult and delicate situation with her cos it may be physical but if it isn't then what? Oh dear!

Big purrs to you and sweet Lola!

And great to hear about all the other kitties!!

Have a great day!

take care

Brian said...

I agree with Kea, she needs checked out to rule out. My late brother used to pee on anything that was super soft and fluffy and we managed to keep anything like that away and after a couple of months all was ok.

umi_e said...

Hope Kirzon recover soon and Lola is not serious with her pee problem.

purrs from us


Marg said...

Sounds like you have your hands full Amy. It also sounds like to me that Lola is peeing because of the kittens. I know my older cats peed around here when I got some new kittens. But they have all gotten used to each other now and I am lucky that they can all go outside. Dana's suggestion sounds good. Never heard of that before.
Glad that Kirzon is taking his pills Hope he keeps that up. Have a great day. Can't wait to see pictures of the kittens or small cats now.

Rene said...

We hope you can figure out what's going on with Lola. Can you separate her and take in a urine sample to the vet instead of bringing her there? Also, I second the Cat Attract litter. We used the kitten version when Sadie was having litter box issues and it really helped.

Can't wait to see more kitty pix! I'll bet Gus is going to be quite the mancat, and I like Stella just because she looks like our Sadie.

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

Hope everything goes well! Sorry you were going thru some sad days. And, we're having peeing issues right now with Cricket. She's going in the corner of my bedroom. I blocked that off, now she's going in another corner. Looks like she'll make a trip to the vet too,,,

The Paw Relations said...

Welcome back! sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment.

We're purring and praying that Lola's peeing is nothing serious and quickly sorted.

Katnip Lounge said...

Gosh! It's busy at your house. We can't wait to see some pictures of Giant Gus.

Mommy is wondering if you had bad storms in your area? She used to live in Elgin and then St. Charles.

Remington said...

Hope all gets better soon!

Sagira said...

Oh man...welcome back. I hope you are able to figure out why she is peeing. We have a kitty sister who does that and we finally figured out which kitty it was by placing them all in a crate until there was no more pee. Our kitty sister is now kept in a quite room where she isn't stressed out, she had a kitty condo in there with her and her food, water, a window, etc. She seems to be liking it much better in there and is using her poop box again.

Jacqueline said...

Good luck with sweet Lola, we hope she feels better soon (physically or emotionally) and stops peeing away from the box...We loved reading an update on all your beautiful babies...Happy week friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Danielle said...

Hi Virgil! I can totally relate to Stella having a crush on you! ;)

We hope Lola's problem gets better, or at least the vets figure out whats wrong.

PS The storms went to our south, but we have some relatives that got like 7 inches! It's a blessing we didn't get any rain!

CCL Wendy said...

It sure sounds like Lola is 'pissed off' (literally) to me! I had this problem once when I brought home a new female kitten and the other female would sit right in front of me and pee! One thing that was suggested is that she get her very own litterbox. At least they said you should have a litterbox for every cat, plus one. That's a lot of litterboxes in your case!

Sounds like all the others are thriving. That's a good thing.

ABBY said...

The vet may be able to proscribe something for Lola that will ease her discomfort if all physical signs are ruled out. Abby has an issue with peeing on stuff too and we've had to resort to 'puddle' pads. Her's is a passive aggressive issue. She doesn't like to use the same litterbox that her siblings use. It's frustrating but what can you do?

We thought your posting for your Mom was very sweet.



Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We are so glad that you are Pawing It Forward with us! Please email mom at sehismith@aol.com with your address. Quinn already has some really good ideas that he swears kitties will love to receive! Poor Lola sounds like she is just having a stressed out time with all of the house action. We hope the pills help Kirzon's gums feel better. Everyone else sounds healthy and happy which is great news always. We saw news of your big rain on the news...glad you had mo problems and were safe.

Bruschi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Even though we don't have any kitty brothers or sisters, I met one when I was a wee little pup and I loved her!

Momma says that a lot of the times when kitties pee outside their box it can mean they have a urinary tract infection. It's definitely best to ask the vet to test, because they can be deadly if left untreated. Lots of good thoughts that she is okay!

chezcat1970 said...

Wow, there's lots going on over there! We are purring that Lola doesn't have any serious problems!