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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shelter in IL needs Foster Parents

Hi guys, I got this email from my aunt - it is a shelter in Huntly IL that is desparate for foster homes. I would but like my aunt (who adopted her first foster) I would end up keeping all the fosters, plus with the two newbies we are pretty much full. But I know some of you are here in the area and others may know people, so if so please see below.

We are in desperate need of foster homes! All listed below need to get into foster homes asap!

The pictures say it all! Contact Animal House Shelter at 847-961-5541 or www.animalhouseshelter.com if you can help.

The pics didn't make it through in the email but I am sure they are at the site.


Remington said...

I hope there are a lot of foster homes in IL for them....

Sagira said...

Hope they can find some foster homes. Foster homes are hard to come by. We have 20 Weimaraners waiting to come in our rescue, we just don't have enough foster homes. :(