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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So just to answer a couple quick things from the comments. The pill pockets chicken were a big hit - Barney prefers them that is for sure. I had no trouble getting him to eat it. Kirzon is now refusing to cooperate - he maybe got a half a dropper full of medicine with 4 tries (that is 4 droppers full - he spit it out even when he had his mouth held closed by pushing it through his lips. He fought so hard I think I accidently jabbed him and he was bleeding a bit - that or he bit his own lip). I called the vet today to see if they can do a compounding ear gel. Fingers crossed on that one! He doesn't do pills well either so this is hopefully going to work!

So in the comments a few things caught my eye - one was that no one really minded Barney's eye booger. He is the king of them, and honestly none of the cats put up a fuss when I remove them. Barney has had them his whole life so it isn't a biggy. And what was interesting to the right that they looked at - no idea really. Virgil was on my right, so he was looking towards both me and the other cats, who were to his right also. The door is to the right, and the yard guys were there, so my guess is that. I was also leaning off the couch to get an up angle, so my guess is that I was doing something (or the other cats were down there is also a possibility). Oh, and yeah, that did look like a towel Barney was in but it is really a blanket. It is a furry kind, like a stuffed animal kind of. So after a few washes it gets ratty looking but it is so warm and comfy. I have a red one on my bed. The cats totally love them - it is big (it is for a king size bed) so when it is partly on the floor Barney will curl up on the floor in it - he loves to do that for some reason (weirdo is my guess). Oh, and why the lawn guys were there so late I have no idea - it was almost 6 when I took the pictures. Also it had rained, so the grass was damp, which my dad always told me was a bad time to mow the lawn because you risk the grass getting a fungus or something. I never mowed (oh it had to be the way he wanted it - he loved to garden and mow) so I don't really remember. They don't do the best job (grass could be shorter) but the previous president of the HOA alienated every other lawn service in the area so they won't work with us anymore, even with a new president (that would be Brad by the way, which is why I know).

I tried to get a video of Virgil meowing, but as soon as I started filming he stopped, so I got some video of Barney instead - with his gross eye booger (it is when I noticed it really - it was right after the pictures and Virgil was begging for treats - he sits by the closet and meows. They had a bunch of treats already so he didn't need anymore). It is so funny because it is so different to hear him meow then to hear him squeak - it always sounds so urgent. I will try and get that today and also post the Barney video later on. I hope I didn't say anything too stupid in it!


The Meezers or Billy said...

we hate it when the mom removes our eye boogers.

little princess Luna~ said...

can't wait to hear barney and mum tried to trick me w/ those silly pill pockets sometimes but i am tooooo smart for that. ;)

luna aka 1st official barney fan

BeadedTail said...

We can't wait to hear Barney either! We didn't even notice the eye booger!

They mow grass here in the rain all the time. Maybe that's because our grass grows all year and it rains all winter so if they didn't it would be a jungle!

Sagira said...

I didn't even notice the eye booger. I always picking them off my guys.

mayziegal said...

I gets eye boogers all the time! I think I look cute in 'em!

I just went back and looked at the pictures and ohmidogness! Kittehs are seriously cute, aren't they?

I'm glad the chicken pill pocket went over good. Thanks for leaving that info on my bloggie. We're gonna have to gets some for Brudder Ripley before mom bleeds to death or Ripley smothers her in her sleep or something. (He is NOT amused by their little wrestling matches.)

Wiggles & Wags,


Oh I enjoyed your pictures they were
adorable! :) Pilling cats is not easy, my vet gave me a pill gun type
thing and my cats would see it and
run. It was funny but not really,
still had to pill the cats. :)

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

One of the first "tricks" Quinn learned was how to suck off all of the liversausage from his pill and spit it out. Cream cheese worked better. Thank god it was only his kennel cough meds (two weeks worth) and not some long term dosing or we would have had to figure out someting else again!

Brian said...

I agree, eye boogers are normal, especially for my Sister Sascha.

Fin said...

Finny loves chick-hen pill pockets.

A few Good Cats said...

Homeowners associations can be the biggest bunch of horse's patoots...

Old Kitty said...

Good luck with Kirzon and his ear gel! And glad Barney is cooperating with his pill taking.

Awwww Barney and his eye booger is so cute!! I didn't even notice it! Cat eye boogers are a wonder of nature! No matter how many times you get rid of them, they reappear. amazing and annoying!


Looking forward to the video of Barney's meow -sounds so sweet!

Take care

umi_e said...

can't wait to watch Barney's video ;)