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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I wanted to let everyone know that Elfo is doing a lot better today - her wounds are closing (there is one big one that they were a bit worried about but it is closing good now) and she is out and playing a bit, and gobbling down her food. She even almost wrestled with her brother this morning - but that got broken up quickly because she needs to relax. It seems like she is afraid of going out on the patio now, but her brother still wants to go - though that is not happening right now for sure. So things are going very well for her now, though she still hides under things more then normal, but not like she had been before. She is looking more bruised but that is because the bruises are healing and getting darker. Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts - I am sure they helped. And both Michelle and I know that there are a lot of sweet doggies out there, and we really feel bad for the one who did this more then anything - because good owners wouldn't have taught their dog to be mean like this.

I am still behind in visiting which is frustrating but I know everyone goes through times they get behind. I hope everyone is doing well, and that all our friends are having great days this week - if we don't comment don't think I skipped you I am just trying to get as caught up as I can for now. I try to comment on the newest stuff at least, but it is just slow going at the moment! I just keep thinking "one more week".


Kea said...

We're glad she's doing better! Continuing to send healing purrs and Light!

Jacqueline said...

So glad Elfo is doing better; that sweet baby is probably suffering from Post Traumatic Stress...Sending lots of purrs and blessings...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Oh that is fantastic news about Elfo!!!

And so sweet that she is wanting to play with her brave brother! But she must rest and take things easy, poor thing!

Take care

Ginger Jasper said...

Good news and we are always glad to hear that.. Sending more purrs for you.. Hugs GJ xx

TwoSpecialWires said...

We're glad to hear that Elfo is healing - both her booboo and her spirit. We hope she can eventually know and trust that not all doggies are mean.

Gentle woofs,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Sagira said...

Glad that she is doing better.

kissa-bull said...

we are so glad to hear of elfo
poo baby we send him our most hearfelt pibble sugars in hopes he forgives ush woggies one day
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack
thanks for tagging ush yesterday we cant wait to post on it

Brian said...

I am very happy to hear that Elfo is healing up...YAY!!!

Remington said...

So happy to hear she is doing better!

Pibble said...

I'm very glad to hear that Elfo is better today!

On another note, I'm awarding you the Sunshine Award! Stop by my blog for details:

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy. Glad you dropped by. Glad Elfo is doing better.

I need everyone to pray for my daughter's Cat.

Her name is Bunny. She has a hernia in her back end so she is having a hard time bowel movements. She may have to have surgery. April 14th is her B'day. She will be 17 years old. Never been sick a day in her life. She also may have a problem with her Heart. They have to do another test this weekend.
I will try and post a picture of her on my blog.

Angel and Kirby said...

That is good that Elfo is doing better!

AttieCattie said...

don't worry about getting behind. i was not blogging for so long that it feels like i will never catch up, so i totally unnerstand. glad to hear about Elfo!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad Elfo is getting well. The Power of Prayer really is something.

My daughter's cat needs prayers right now too. Iv'e put up a post on her at my site.