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Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo Tag!

Wow, we got photo tagges! Our friends Isis and Denali at Kitty Kitty tagged us!

Oh, and yes, I know that I am posting this before the awards I need to post, but honestly this was much quicker - I know that is a bad excuse but we have a bunch of awards from our awesome friends to post, and I have them all written on little pieces of paper so I don't forget - I want to put them all into one post and it is still busy at work so I am doing this first. But to all you who awarded us, I swear they will be up by April 3 - our end of year is March 31, so I can relax after that.

Oh, before I go on be sure to check out my other two posts for today - Michelle, who I work with, whose cat was hurt, said to thank everyone for their purrs and grrs. She also doesn't blame the dog for the attack, she blames the owners. They did try to help her find her kitty (who ran off hurt after the attack) and paid for the vet bills - but they helped look while leaving their baby (under a year) alone in the apartment - she asked about the baby at one point and when they told her (she assumed someone else was there) she made them go home, so that shows you they aren't necessarily all there. Elfo (her kitty who was hurt) was saved by her brother cat going after the dog to stop him. She is going to be ok but she is very sore and has one big gash that they have to watch. But she is resting and eating and taking her meds so she should be ok soon.

Ok, so back to the Photo Tag. The rules are that you go to your first picture folder, post the 10th picture, and tell the story behind it. Well, I store my photos in many places (which is annoying actually, and I plan to consolidate them at some point - my computer sometimes puts the folders where it wants to on the new computer and I don't catch it). Then you tag 5 other blogs to play too.

Because of the many folder locations, I decided ahead of time that I would use one from the external drive in the first location I found pictures in. So I went to Rusty (yes, I named the external drive Rusty Cuyler - from the show Squidbillies - the other one is named Early Cuyler, for his dad) and went to the Amy folder and went to the pictures folder (which is really a bunch of subfolders and a bunch of pictures from the internet I saved because they were cute, like LOLcats, stuff from XKCD that was funny, weird Rick Astley charts and stuff like that) so they didn't seem like what the tag was about), and went to the first folder I thought had pictures in it I took - but it was empty.

So I tried a different folder - this was called New Folder, and I went to the documents folder, because I usually have pictures in there (see this hard drive has a bunch of weird folders from me copying stuff from my old laptop, then forgetting what I copied, and me copying it again - I probably have 8 copies of some photos on it). Bingo! Pictures! So this is the 10th picture in the folder:

This is a picture of Virgil from when he was a few months old (I would have to look back in the blog to remember his age - the picture properties say it was created July 2009 but modified in November 2008. November sounds more likely because this is a picture I like to call Painty Butt - if you look at Virgils butt you can see it is painted from him rubbing against the wall as I painted it. I think we did that right before Thanksgiving - making him about 4 months old there. He actually rubbed the wall twice, but the first time it was dry enough he didn't get it on him. The second time I ended up putting him in the bedroom for a while. The paint was wet enough to get on him but dry enough that it dried on him quickly - so I knew it wouldn't wash out. I did manage to get most of it out by brushing him. After he came out of the bedroom he went to the pillow on the couch (which was in the hallway at the time) and went to sleep. This is before he fell asleep, obviously. The funny thing is that right now he is sitting next to me resting on the same pillow - and he doesn't seem that much bigger.

So now I have to tag 5 blogs - so I am going to pick:

Remington from The Life and Times of Remington
The Houston Pittie Pack from kissa-bull
All the pups at One Pibbles Wish
The whole crew at Dog Foster Mom
and Brind'Amour, from The Wacky Wonderful World of Brind'Amour

I picked all doggies today because I know a lot of the kitties have already done this, but I don't remember too many doggies in the game yet - though I am still super behind, so that could be totally wrong. But if you want to see some cute pups be sure to visit them all!


TK said...

Baby Virgil sure is cute. He wasn't rubbing- he was adding texture to assist you!

Old Kitty said...

Aww Amy and the House of Cats

I was just about to go to bed when your post popped up!

First great stuff getting tagged - sorry about your empty folder! Oh dear! But the one you picked of Virgil is so lovely with a really funny story attached to it too! LOL! Glad the paint came off anyway.

And thanks for the update on your friend's cat, Elfo (sweet name!). It's touching to know that Elfo's brother saved her! What a good brother! Wishing Elfo (and her brave brother) lost of purrs! I hope the doggie and the doggie's owner's baby are ok! Sending them lots of purrs too!

Take care

Brian said...

Poor Painty Butt, but that was a really good story. Hey, good thinking tagging woofies, very smart!

Pibble said...

Oh my dogness! I've been tagged... I've never been tagged before! I promise to do my best!

I'm glad to hear Elfo will be okay. It doesn't sound like the people who own the dog have too much going on Upstairs, if you know what I mean. Anyone who leaves a baby unattended probably shouldn't have a baby or a dog.

Virgil is adorable - paint and all. And isn't it odd that he's in the exact same spot? (Spot... like paint spots? Hmmmm....)

kissa-bull said...

see virgil looks like mommish's first ever meow meow
she is tearing up now
she ish such a boohooer
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Please stop by my blog; I have a special award I want to share with you!

BeadedTail said...

We're glad that Elfo is going to be okay! That's very good news!

Cute photo of Virgil!

caspersmom said...

So glad that Elfo is doing O.K. and taking his meds real good. Good picture of you when you were little Virgil.


Jacqueline said...

Love Virgil's baby picture, he's such an adorable boy!...Glad to hear your friend's cat is recovering from the dog attack well=we'll keep purring for her...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Dog Foster Mom said...

Aww, thanks for tagging us. It looks like a fun game! Virgil is very cute - and I love the paint story.

Forever Foster said...

What a cute picture of Virgil. It sounds like he did his best to help you paint :)

TwoSpecialWires said...

We like photo tag ... it's fun to see what shows up. And we are proud of you for following up on it so quickly. Moma says we are horrible at that sort of thing, and we have to agree. It's hard enough to just keep up with visiting our friends. So .. we like that we get to SEE and READ all the fun stuff, without having the responsibility for it! Thanks for posting your photo and telling your story! And especially, thanks for visiting our blog and letting us know you'd been there, especially when we go on such long hiatuses from doing the same.

Always thinking about you
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Baby Virgil was extra cute AND he was setting the standard in the fambly for norty behaviour (aka NKC) when he was just 4 months old ~ so he was and is awesome!

The Paw Relations said...

That is a great photo. Thomas did much the same thing when we painted our hallway in our old house. Paint is a bugger to get out, isn't it?

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Thanks for passing along the good news about Elfo. It does sound like those folks need remedial parenting and pet owner classes!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

That's a great picture of Virgil! He looks like he's about a mile long!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Love this photo game! I was hoping Barney would be in it but I must say Baby Virgile was sweet to the eyes too. Love the photo and the story. What a little cutie pie he was.

ps: Barney I sent you a gift in the email, hope you like it.

Dog Foster Mom said...

So I saw your comment on One Pibble's Wish. And you know, dogs really don't take up much space. Even medium sized dogs like Ziggy. He's really low energy. And now that I know you love him... and now that I know you would like a dog... and now that I know you live relatively close to me. I'm thinking... you could adopt him!! :-D

Marg said...

I really liked this post. Your folder keeping sounds just like my stuff. I can't remember what is where. I am so excited to find someone just like me.
And that was a good idea to tag the woofies. That is such a cute picture of Virgil when he was so young.
Hope you get caught up soon.

The Crew said...

Wow, he looks extra long!

There are kitties in Whisk-onsin that we don't know? Who!

Your Daily Cute said...

Awww... I love this photo game. It's been so much fun to see everyone's!

And... I gave you an award! Come on by and grab it when you have time (I know you're a busy, busy bee!). :)

Mishkat said...

Aw - he's so cute! I keep my photos all over the place too, so I have lots of "first picture folders".

We are glad Elfo is going to be all right - that sounds so scary!

And thanks so much for your good wishes for Jenny – I am so proud of her! She was born with a physical disability which caused many issues early on (especially in school) but has worked through it to the point where no one can tell she is disabled. I think her experience will really help her help children.

Asta said...

I was so sowwy to wead that the kitty got huwted by a doggy..I apologize fow doggies.I wouldn't hew any of you. It sounds like those hoomans shouldn't have hooman ow fuwwkids eithew, sheesh.

That is a tewwific pictoowe of Viwgil
smoochie kisses

Lorianna said...

Virgil is such a cutie pie! Cody likes to get into paint projects too.
I'm so sorry for your co-worker's kitty! Poor baby! It made my stomach upset just picturing it. I don't blame the dogs in situations like this either. His owners sound TSTL. (that's not a nice thing to say by the way, but sometimes...) I will keep Elfo in my thoughts.
You are getting new sofas? How cool! We ordered a new coffee table. I'm very excited. It's perfectly sized and it has 6 drawers for all my crafts in progress. :)
How are you feeling? All the kitties in good shape?
I hope the warm weather comes back for you. Send that 70 this way!
See you soon.

Remington said...

So we are playing tag and I am "IT" -- look out here I come!

The Crew said...

Thanks! We didn't know the lovely Danielle is from Whisk-onsin. If you think of anyone else, please let us know.

Sagira said...

What a cute photo. :)

Beth said...

Amy, I love this picture of Virgil! He is adorable!!!

Melody said...

Oh I love the picture of Virgil. I think he is my favorite out of all your kitties. I just love black and white kitties.