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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help out Timmy!

Hi Everyone! We got this email about Timmy from our friends at I Have Cat - check it out!

I'm hoping you and your humans can help Tiny Timmy through the amazing network of animal lovers you are tapped into.

Tiny Timmy is a kitty that was was hurt by chemicals/pesticides in grocery store flea and tick medicines. He is improving though he has massive neurological problems. This email is a plea to you to PLEASE send an email to ask that people vote for Timmy in the Bissell MVP pet contest for this week. If he is #1 this week (voting ends tomorrow) he will be in the running for the grand prize - - lots o money that his parents (humans who saved his life) will donate ALL HIS PRIZE MONEY to raise awareness of the dangers associated with non-vet approved over the counter flea and tick remedies. http://mvp.bissell.com/mvp_PetDetail.aspx?id=8590065704
He was #1 for a short while but has now fallen to 3rd place behind 2 doggies and i have exhausted my personal contacts. Hoping you can help out. THANK YOU and i really hope to hear from you!


Cat said...

Gosh!! You guys are so nice to think about Tiny Timmy...poor little guy!! Mom will go to that website and sign or write or whatever she needs to do to help. Thanks for thinking of Timmy..what a sad thing to have happen to a sweet kitty. You guys are great!!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE voted

Old Kitty said...


Will do!! Poor Timmy!

Take care

Elin said...

I hope luck will be with Tiny Timmy =)

Brian said...

I voted for Timmy this morning! Hey, is that a new header? Cool!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Well. Thank you. In our effort to go vote, we ran into problems with our !@#$%^& computer and we finally were able to figure out why it's been running so slowly. All because of your prompt to go vote! So! We voted. AND we think we fixed the computer. At least for a while. (Paws tend to mess it up)

Speaking of paws, we're crossing them for Tiny Timmy.
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Love Meow said...

Yep, no problem. My kitties are purring for Timmy.

Jacqueline said...

Mom set up an account at bissell and voted for Timmy=good luck!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Gandalf, Grayson, Whitey and Gracie said...

We'll go vote right now!

meowmeowmans said...

We voted for Timmy. Paws crossed that he wins!

Tristan and Crikey said...

We stand behind Timmy!

Four Dinners said...

Maximus Spittimus is on his way to votes!!!

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp

(so am I as well)

kissa-bull said...

we're on our way to vote and we shall vote from home and our celly too
pibble sugars and wee wags
the houston pittie pack

Sagira said...

I tried to the Bissell contest myself and couldn't keep up with all those getting like 1,000 votes. We were trying to win the money for our rescue group.

Esme said...

Thanks for posting about this. I voted for Timmy-he will make a great spokekitty to something I did not know anything about.

Eric and Flynn said...

We opened an account and voted for Timmy. Can we vote daily or just the once?

Velvet Blade said...

Oh My Goodness! I just accidentally came across this. Thank you all so very much for voting for Timmy, and to House of Cats (now in his blog reader) for posting this!

Timmy won the Bissell contest for Week 8 and many people have heard his story and about the dangers of OTC flea and tick products who would have not known prior. We are still awaiting confirmation from Bissell of the "official" winners.

This is amazing, and just so you know, this made a huge difference... Timmy only won by 14 votes, and there are 16 comments here!