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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a few things!

Hi Everyone - I will be posting some more entries for the cat-o-lympics tonight, but I wanted to add something to the fetching that really, I should have put in the original post. Virgil is a great fetcher - like I said, he learned from Floyd, who would play til he would start panting and need to rest, then start up again. Floyd started because when he was little he would bring his balls on the bed to play with, and keep me awake, so I would toss them to the floor, and he would bring them back. Eventually he would bring them back to me because he figured out it was a game, and then once I realized that I would throw it and say "get the ball". Virgil will bring the ball when he wants to play, but if you just ask he won't bring it (he has to be in the mood). Floyd would actually go get it if you asked him to play - but he would only do that in the bedroom of the apartment. When we moved he would still fetch (still prefering the bedroom) but wouldn't bring the ball when asked. But anyway, that is not my point - the thing with Floyd is he would really only fetch with me. But Virgil has learned that he can play with Brad and I - and sometimes in the same game he will take turns. Like I throw, he brings it to Brad, Brad throws he brings it to me. I think that is very impressive. And for those of you out there who think it is tough to get a picture of it - you aren't kidding! I was lucky it was a tougher toss with the one where he has the orange ball - there were storage bins and the bike he had to climb over (well, he didn't have to climb over the bike but he likes to be on that pack thing). He will pause sometimes, which helps (like when he was looking at the ceiling).

We will be working on awards for the events this weekend - I found a cool badge making site (if anyone wants to know it let me know) that I plan to use, although I do want to spice them up a bit after they are done. I also have to work on judging both here and at the NKC - and also the NKC scavenger hunt contest ends this weekend so I need to go through that stuff too.

In addition to that, Kirzon is headed to the vet again. I think he is still having some tooth/mouth problems. I wouldn't be surprised if the infection he had before his cleaning came back, because honestly it was so hard to get him to take the meds, it may have looked gone but just a bit lingered. He was thinner before the cleaning, and beggy-er too for food. It was ok for a little while after the cleaning but now he feels light and a bit boney again, he is a bit more beggy for food, and he is getting bad breath again (not the typical bad cat breath, believe me). Last night he slept on the floor next to the bed which is unusual (although to be fair, there were some used towels (not dirty, just used to dry off) there and he loves to sleep in that kind of towel, and I wasn't feeling good, so maybe he didn't want to bug me - by the way, don't eat southwest eggrolls and then go to bed only 3 hours later - yeah, they are tasty, but you will pay for it!) After everything with Floyd I want to be careful when I sense any weight loss, so I am bringing him in - I think it is probably a tooth thing, but I want to be sure (and who knows, I could just be paranoid).

The rest of the cats are good - Barney is so big now! It is hilarious because he still looks like a kitten, just a really big one. I hope he keeps that look. Virgil has filled out a bit in the chest so he looks like a fully grown mancat now - but he is still small and adorable. Lola is the Queen of being in the way when I sleep, but she is fine if I move her - she goes right back to being it the way after I move. I told her at least she is a queen!

So that is about it for now - I will be posting more entries for the cat-o-lympics later on - I love it because I get to go through all the old pictures - it is very fun! And then tomorrow will be a regular post plus we got an award so we will be posting that finally too.


Remington said...

Maybe there is a football career for Virgil!

Love Meow said...

Your kitties are so smart! Flip is the only cat that fetches in my house. Hope Kirzon feel better *Head bump* from my kitties. We can't wait to see your new entries. :)

Old Kitty said...

Floyd and Virgil are extremely amazing cats to be all puppy like playing fetch! Really, really unique!

Barney is so cute!

And big special hugs to Kirzon. I hope it won't be too bad at the vets. Hope all will turn out ok.

Looking forward to all the awards too!

Take care

Sammy and Andy said...

Mamabug loved the story about Virgil and Floyd and their fetching. Years ago she had a gurl kitty, Sunshine, that loved to play fetch. As soon as mamabug would go to bed at night, she'd bring the little ball to her and drop it on her chest. Then mamabug had to throw it out the door and down the hallway....Sunshine took off (leaving pawprints on poor mamabug's chest) and flew down the hall and back she came with it in her mouth....she would jump up on mamabug again, and drop the ball on her chest....if mamabug didn't throw it right away, Sunshine would paw the ball a bit and meow until it was thrown again......xxxxxxxxxxx

Sammy and Andy said...

Oh, and Sunshine was the kitty that would answer the phone if we took too long to answer it. :))))

Marg said...

Hope your kitty is all right. MewMew one of our kitties here has a small growth on her chin right next to her mouth so I have to figure out how to catch her. She does not like to be caught.
Your fetching story is great. We used to have a cat that would do a little bit of fetching.
Purrs to your kitty who might be sick.

One Cats Nip said...

Oh neato! Would love to check out the badge making site!

Jacqueline said...

We hope Kirzon's vet appointment goes well-those teeth problems can be a real pain!...Glad the others are doing great!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Angel and Kirby said...

Very good story about your boys!