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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kirzon update and Gracie's Party

Hi Everyone! This is Barney with today's post. Mommy is feeling a bit under the weather - she has felt a cold coming on the past few days and it is getting a bit worse now. So I came home for a bit to check on her before heading back over to Gracie's awesome first birthday party! So first a Kirzon update. He is doing much better today. He does tend to be loopy for a couple days after anesthesia, so it wasn't a surprise, and actually he is much better this time then last time. He got hungry late last night but had to wait to eat til this morning. Mommy slept on the floor so he wouldn't try to get on the bed and fall. But he drove her a little crazy keeping her up - we were not allowed in the room because she wanted us to have food access and not bug Kirzon. She said he did jump on the bed at one point and was ok until he wanted down a minute or so later - then he got near the edge and almost fell, so mommy had to rescue him. So he slept on the floor with her (she used her Christmas money and got an air mattress for times like this - she used to make a pad with blankets but this is better) and then she ended up sleeping really late - probably because she was up late with him and because she is sick now.

So now I wanted to talk about Gracie's awesome party! Wait til you see the the pictures! It is the best first birthday party I have ever been to - I hope my party will be as good! Gracie looked beautiful (and still is even thought it has already been one day of the party) and her friends are awesome! I am so glad I could meet them. I love that she has a doggie sister Asta too - that is very cool!
Here is a picture Gracie took of her and I together, when she introduced me to all her friends:

Picture by Gracie

Then we got to do lots of fun stuff, including riding on the Green Eggs and Ham Railroad. We rode it with her friends and it was awesome! I got to sit next to Gracie! Here is a picture:

Front cars l-r: Asta, Momo, Mrs. Oz. Barney, Gracie, Opus, & Olive
Back car front l-r: Edna, Notty, & Tintin
Back car top: Karl, Coco, & Ruis
Picture by Gracie

In addition to all the fun activities, there is a ton of wonderful food there too! I know Virgil had fun sharing a burger with his girlfriendcat Danielle (we will have a post on that hopefully Monday, depending on how mommy feels). It was some of the best food I have ever tasted! Gracie's mom is a great cook!

So then later on, the perfect way to top off the night, Gracie had a fireworks display for her birthday! I loved it but the best part was getting to spend some one on one time with Gracie. Well, it wasn't really one on one, it was more like one on one on one, beacuse her new Squillion was our chaperone. I really wanted to hold Gracie's paw but I thought that it could be too soon, and with a chaperone, I knew it would probably not be the best idea. Besides, we have lots of time for that! I am not too worried that I did't get to this time. Here is a picture of us watching the fireworks

Picture by Gracie

So, now I am going to head back to the party - it looks like mommy is resting and Kirzon is ok, so I think they can get along fine without me. I will come back and check on them again in a while.

Mommy is behind on a lot of stuff because she hasn't felt to great the past few days, but she wanted me to let you know that she will be catching up soon. I hope you all come by Gracie's party if you haven't already - it is so fun!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur all the updates!

I'm sooooo tired from Gracie's pawty - I'm heading fur another nap after I paw this!

Please take khare of your mom!


Angel and Kirby said...

e hope your Mommy gets to feeling better soon!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Awwwwwwwwe, now I know why you are so sweet and I like you bunches. That is because you have such a nice mommie like mine. She also would sleep on the floor if the furry is not feeling well just to be near and make things easier.
It was a wonderful party and made more wonderful because you were there with me. I couldn't help noticing in the photo of us watching the fireworks that you had a wink in the one eye. Was that wink for me??????
Glad you came back to the party. Still going strong. I am going to try to visit all that have attended and it will take awhile but have a great start on my visits. Love to all at your place.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We hope your mom feels better soon!

We went to Gracie's party too! We had lots of fun!

Forever Foster said...

We are happy to hear that Kirzon is on the mend:)

Cindy said...

Poor mommy. I hope she gets better soon. Get back to the party.

Your Daily Cute said...

Glad to hear Kirzon is feeling better. Now if your mom could just feel better, too!

You all are very lucky -- I think it's so great that she got an air mattress so she could sleep with you all on the floor!

Brian said...

We are glad Kirzon is doing better. Yep, that Gracie sure knows how to throw a party!!!

The Paw Relations said...

We hope your mum feels better soon! xxx

One Cats Nip said...

Hope your mom feels better sooN! Oh and man yeah Gracies was a fantastic party

Milo and Alfie said...

Oh dear! We hope yoor mom feels better soon. She is a very good mommy for spending her Chrismouse money on an airbed so she can look after yoo kitties when necessary by sleeping on the floor! But we know yoo all appresheate her!

We went to the party too ~ it was great fun!

Ginger Jasper said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Glad that Kirzon is feeling a lot better. But oh your poor mum nt well.. Get well mum.. Wasn't the party just brilliant. I loved seeing everyone there..

Mum asked me to check if your mum got the email about the necklace. ( not nagging though )

Hugs GJ x

umi_e said...

hope your mom get well soon :)

* have a nice day *

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Thank you for the kind words of sympathy over the death of mom's dad. We felt the love all of the way to Chicago and back! Hope your mom and Kirzon are on the road to recovery. Sounds like I missed a great party!

MoMo said...

Thanks for visiting. It's great to meet you at the party. Good to hear that Kirzon is doing well.

Hope your mom feels better soon. She is such a nice mom to sleep on the floor to keep her sick kitty company! Purrs to her!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Even though we couldn't stay long, we sure enjoyed Gracie's party. She's got a lot of nice friends, including YOU!

We hope your moma is feeling better. And that all of you recuperate really quickly.

Jake and Fergs xxoo

LindaGJ said...

I sure have been enjoying reading 2 pages about what yall have been up to! Your blog has a whole new look to it, ot it's been so long since I've had the time to visit blogland, I forgot! Well, it seems like yall had a wonderful time partying and it seems like this party has lasted a long time. I wish I was younger again so I could go to a big long party! :)
I hope yall's mom gets better. Tell her my boyfriend has a really bad cold now too and he is a big baby when he is sick! I didn't know that poor little Kirzon was having teeth problems, but happy to know is on the mend!
Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hi! Talk to yall later. I bet it will take some time to recoop after such a long party. I'm sorry that yall's mom and Kirzon weren't able to go! Maybe yall should have a party for them when they get to feeling better!
Linda :)

Ariel said...

Good to hear Kirzon is feeling better.Hope your mom feels better soon :)

Melody said...

Hope mommy is feeling better. Looks like Gracie's Party was a hit. We would have come by but my computer is doing some crazy things right now. Im not a computer person so I really don't know what is wrong. Hopefully the problem will correct itself.

Paws & Whiskers