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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it a full moon?

The cats were CRAZY yesterday, so I did't get to post my Barney story. They were running around like insane people, playing with EVERYTHING and just being nuts. Even Kirzon was being a weirdo - only Lola was good, and she was upstairs sleeping.

So, I was going to tell the story of the vet trip on Saturday - finally getting around to that. I got a call that morning that Virgil didn't need to go because he had just been there in October for his check up. I suspect they just wanted to see the little guy since he lived there before he came to live with us. I actually thought about bringing him for a visit but he would have none of it, and since he didn't really need to go I decided not to force the issue. So it was just Barney, the kitty who HATES the car. As usual, we tried music to soothe him - since it is Christmastime I went for Christmas tunes. He seemed to like most of them well - he got to hear a few by the Barenaked Ladies, Feliz Navidad by I think Jose Feliciano, a couple Jimmy Buffets. He wasn't fond of Merry Christmas from the Family by Jill Sobule (which was covered more recently by the Dixie Chicks I think). And of course, my favorite Christmas song - Round and Round by Ratt (and before you say hey, that isn't a Christmas song, you need to watch Billy and Mandy Save Christmas - it is the end title song while they are opening gifts after saving Christmas, so therefore it is now a Christmas song in my book). I love Christmas music and could listen to it all year to be honest with you. Oh, and we heard a few Hanaukkah songs too - also Barenaked Ladies. I had my arm in his carrier petting him, and he did try to escape once - but I was able to stop him.

So we go to the vets and I got him out, and he got weighed (9 1/2 pounds - he is a very solid boy) and he got some lovin from everyone. Then the vet looked at his eyes and chin - it isn't chin acne (I asked even though it didn't look like it, but just to be safe) and so we have eye goo (never can remember it) and chin goo for him. There is another medicine the vet will try for his eyes eventually but he has to be a bit older to take it (he is only 7 months old even though he is only about 1/2 lb less then his brother, who is about 17 months). He got braver and decided to investigate the room a bit, and didn't want to go into the carrier so I took him out front outside the carrier. He decided to bolt right as Brad was coming in the door (he went to get beverages), but luckily went the other way. He escaped a couple more times so he had to go into the carrier.

Right now, let me say that we love our vets office - and since I know at least Kelly follows the blog (HI KELLY) I want to say how grateful we are that you all have taken such good care of our babies through the years - both these and the ones from when I was a kid. Thanks, and we will be seeing you soon to get Kirzon ready for his teeth cleaning.

The ride home was uneventful - I petted Barney a bit but he was much calmer (til we got near home at least) so it was less of an issue. We got home, he bolted from the carrier and then got fed (on vet days everyone has to wait to eat - to be fair to the one going). And of course later that day what was he doing - playing in the carriers (the one I tried to use for Virgil was still out). He and Virgil love to play and nap in them, as long as it is on their own terms.

So, what I learned again, is that the cats prefer male singers with a louder, faster beat (although the harp music also works well). They are not fans of the lady singers.

Tomorrow will be a special post - Barney saw that Fin is doing a hunt week and asked if he could post about it instead of having me tell you about it. I am also working on stuff for the NKC - a "friends of the NKC" type badge is in the works for our non-kitty friends. And I know some of you have asked and I will post over there too, but you don't have to be super naughty to join - although our founder is quite a handful. And if you want you can also nominate members, or if you already are one, feel free to invite people. I am getting pretty good at the badges!

Finally, I want to send out lots of good healing thoughts to all the sick kitties, doggies and ani-parents out there. I know there are a lot of you not feeling well and we are sending you lots of love and feel better thoughts and purrs!

Oh, actually this is really finally - there are a bunch of kitties who need help - Fiona at Harry Spotter needs surgery, Wilfred got robbed, all the shelters need help - if you can please help them out - there is an auction for Fiona (I will have a link in the sidebar soon) and Wilfred is listed in the sidebar (My Grumpy Tail). And Santa Paws is a great way to help shelters out (they are very close to their goal) - or just help out one near you!

Oh, and one more Finally - I am going to post all the great ecards we have - we want to print them and put them with the other cards, but we are COMPLETELY out of toner (if you were lucky enough to get a card from us with a return label you can tell, and if you didn't get the label, well, that is why - no toner). I am just behind in visiting and updating here so that is why nothing is up.

See you later!!


Robyn said...

My cats love to hang out in their carriers, too - I think it's funny that all the way to and from the vet, they're screaming "Let me out! Let me OUT!", then I get home, let them out... and the next thing I know, I look and they're curled up asleep in the carrier. :)

CCL Wendy said...

Glad to know that Barney's in good health -- the fact that he's an escape artist shows that he's in quite form. He's going to be a big boy when he's full grown. He's cute as ever, though.

We're purring for all the sick kitties, too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My kids have been crazy lately too.. I think it's Santa excitement.

Rocky isn't too bad in the car, but I have to have one hand on the wheel and one hand in his cage and I have to sing to him

Angel and Kirby said...

My Two have been running around like crazy and Angel is meowing at the top of her lungs. She goes for her yearly on Friday and Kirby gets to go along to get weighed to see if eh have lost any.

Cindy said...

Henry thinks he is tough, but cries like a baby in the carrier. Rosie screams like a man, and pees in it. Oh well.

BeadedTail said...

Glad everything went well with Barney's vet visit! We've been running around like crazy too and our mommy says we are just about to be nominated for the NKC since before she didn't think we were eligible but for some reason she's changed her mind!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

My Sibe floof worked!


cclark0412 said...

We all cry at the top of our lungs whenever we have to go in the car!

In fact, JayJay did a little more when he was SUPPOSED to go in for his annual....

We kitties can be so funny!

Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Bob you sure got a big little guy at your place. Nice and healthy for sure. I don't really like the cat carrier bacause I never know where I will end up when I am in it. Always to the vet person and I haven't decided if I like it there or not.

Fin said...

Can't wait for a hunt post.

Sweet Praline said...

I think Praline has gotten too smart to hang out in her carrier. (mom Paula)

Cheyenne -Millie said...

That is good that Barney is healthy! I hates the carrier! I cry big loud cries!

Brian said...

We don't like the ride in the metal box with wheels but our Vet human is super nice. Way to go Barney!!!

Milo and Alfie said...

We have a carier that the oor comes off ~ so when we are at home mom takes the door off so we can play and nap in it. When she puts the door back on we know to run and hide!
Barney is so much fun! We love him! And his fambly of course!