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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wow this is post 298!

I can't believe it - I just noticed that this will be my 298th post! Crazy! Hopefully by 300 I will have the new computer so it can be full of new cat pictures!!

So lets see, not to much going on with the cats. Someone barfed on the couch - but we have some barfers so that isn't too surprising. We really desparately need a new couch - the couch money went to all Floyd's tests, and then I decided a floor was needed more, but the couch is just horrible - falling apart and now barfed on. I cleaned it up, but you can see the area still, and one of the cushions is not flipable (it is an end and the other end is a chaise, so you can't really change them around.

Floyd (in my opinion) seems like he may have lost some weight, which is bad. He is going in on Saturday so we will know for sure. He isn't acting all hungry like he ususally does when he looses so maybe I am just crazy (lets hope it is that). Virgil has been weird with the food lately - he will wait til the others leave to eat. He isn't loosing but I think he is just not as interested in the food lately - he really does not like the food that is like "real food" - like the shredded type. He will go for the crunchy (which is probably healthier because it is the grain free stuff) when the canned (or as I like to call it "squishy) isn't of interest to him. He doesn't even really like actual people food other than whipped cream. I think he ate a little ice cream once. It is nice because if you are eating you know he won't try to steal your food, and won't be all beggy about it (unless it is whipped cream - he just adores that stuff - like his mom!) I am not sure how he feels about turkey (I can't remember to be honest, it has been so long since we had it) but we are doing a pre-Thanksgiving practice this weekend (just the turkey breast on the grill, dressing and potatoes - really I just had a craving for turkey gravy but it is good since I am trying a different way to cook the potatoes) so we will see if he likes it. When I was growing up when the turkey went it the cats wouldn't leave the kitchen - just in case somehow some of it got out. My current kitties will hang out but part of that is they think they want stuff, but when they see it they change their minds. This will, however, give me the opportunity to try and get more Barney bowl pictures. I was thinking I would see if I could get him in the same bowl so we could see the size difference, and also see if he would like to sit in the big bowl I will use to make the dressing. I love to cook but haven't done much lately - cinnamon rolls a few weeks back, which Barney was fascinated by (the dough springing back when I tried to roll it wsa just so neat for him, and he smelled the flour and started sneezing).

Lola is more snuggly lately - she goes through phases where she sometimes will sit by me while I eat breakfast in the living room. She would be a great passive resistance person because that is basically her whole exisistence - any time you move her she just doesn't budge - I think she was a 60's protester in a former life or something. And if you move her you had better be quick to claim the spot, because she will just keep going right back.

Kirzon has been friendly too - he is hanging out by me much more. He is like Lola in that he has phases he goes through. He has been hanging out a lot with me lately - although I often think he is looking for some people food. I use a tray to do my jewelry making on, and I think he thinks there could be food involved.

Barney has picked up some of his siblings habits - he is a non-movable lump like Lola sometimes (I have pulled on my blanket not knowing he is there and he goes along for the ride like she does - even if he gets flipped off - the rest of the cats immediately move when the blanket starts to move). He is squeaking like Virgil does - and sounds just like him. I have thought it was Virgil sometimes and it turns out to be Barney. He is still pretty bitey, but I would say not quite as bad as before. There is also less humping. He is still sucking on his pillow but I was reading online that they sucking doesn't usually stop until around 20-24 weeks, so he is still young for it, since he is probably getting to about 18 or 19 weeks. And boy is he a pig - he eats his food then goes to sample everyone elses too. I have to be sure to watch him because I don't want him to get pudgy - Lola is and it worries me a bit. I know he will be a big boy but big and fat are two different things.

So Floyd and Lola have a vet appointment on Saturday - oh, I am having them check Floyd for any urinary issues because he sprayed again right in front of me the other day - right on the wall. I suspect it has been him all along. He only does it occasionally, and he doesn't seem to be straining, and he doesn't cry or anything. He has always had litterbox issues - he was the one we always caught peeing on the carpet at both the apartment and this current house. I have purchased some of that litter attractant stuff and it is hard to tell if it works, because he doesn't always pee outside the box, just sometimes. But to be safe, and since he is a boy with other issues, I will be having him checked. Virgil is also very possibly going but I think with Brad in school I will not add a third and will bring him next week - but that could change by Saturday.

Ok, so this is a long one today - I am a bit tired and I do tend to ramble when I am tired (talking, emailing, blogging, etc) so for now I will just say that I will let you know what happens at the vet. Tomorrow I will have something - not sure what yet. I may try to get some pics off my camera and at least email them so I can post from here, or maybe I will try to get some with my phone - those are easy to email.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I so hope I khan have a khat someday -

They sound like so much fun ;-)

I enjoy being a speedbump fur my doggy nanny to navigate!


The T-day prakhtice sounds like fun! If only Mom wasn't doing a transport on Sunday.....


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! We weren't able to post before. Don't know why! We LOVE the new look and it's for a GRRR-8 cause!!! Hope to V~E~T situation works out! Don't think we'll be on much this weekend (again...shhh, don't tell mom we says that). Our beans are purrty busy this weekend too! But, we'll try...

Jasmim said...

I hope your computer works soon:)

Fin said...

I always lay in the pathways.

BTW It's a little hard to see the pink in my Google Reader.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr said...

We LOVE your new banner!! Now we can't wait for more photos!!!!!

SeaThreePeeO said...

Oh dear! We hope the couch isn't too bad. Can you not put a throw over it to hide the stain?

We're looking forward to all the new cat photos?

Milo and Alfie said...

Mom said she loves reading about all your cats ~ and we do too. Your "ramblings" always make us smile a lot. Purrs.

Forever Foster said...

We like your new look!:)

We also like the story about Lola being hard to move. She sounds like Suey in that regard!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Amy,
Good luck with your vet appt. this weekend. I hope you can solve Floyd's spraying issues. How old is he? I hope everyone will improve on their eating. Today is our 100th post. Whew.....having way to much fun too.

Have a good weekend,
Madi and Mom