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Friday, October 2, 2009

No Olympics For You!

Well, Chicago got knocked out of the bid for the Olymipcs in the first round of voting. And honestly, I am glad. Illinois has too much stuff that needs to be fixed first, at least in my opinion. I mean, the Olympics are great but honestly I just don't think we were really prepared to run them. I just wish we hadn't spent so much on the bid itself - that money could have gone to things like schools and roads and violence prevention. Plus everyone who wanted them was so cocky about it - I wouldn't have voted for that kind of attitude either.

Ok, enough about that. The kitties are good - I picked up a new carrier and Barney and Virgil were immediately playing in it. They play in the old one too - they don't seem to mind that it takes them to the vet (even though at the time they hate it). I am in the process of getting new carriers for all the cats - we have 5 but I hate 2 of them. Three are nice and two are just too small in my opinion. Eventually those 2 will be replaced.

Other than that it is a quiet day. Tomorrow I am hoping to post a special post - it will be #300 and also, tomorrow would have been my Dad's 76th birthday, so I want to post a bit about him - if I can convince the computer to cooperate. I usually have to reboot 5 or 6 times to post from home, but for tomorrow it will be worth it.

So I guess that is all for now - I am trying to find a pink that is dark enough to read in Google reader. I know someone mentioned it was a bit tough, and I had noticed the same thing. We will see how this one does.

ETA: Congrats to Rio for getting the games - they are the best choice (to me at least) since these will be their first Olympics in Brazil.


Angel and Kirby said...

We are so excited about your 300th post!

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

Our #1 is a huge fan of Chicago, having lived there for several years. But Olympics do tend to cause havoc, so maybe it is indeed a good thing.

It's a good pink!

Jasmim said...

Oh I do not know the problems of Chicago, but just know that Rio de Janeiro will be the host city of the Olympics =)
How nice that all the kittens are well. I hope your computer works soon :x
and congrats on your 300 posts !

The Creek Cats said...

Love the new blog header! Concatulations on your 300th post tomorrow! WOW!

SeaThreePeeO said...

We're glad everyone is okay! We cannot wait for your special post tomorrow!

Brian said...

Tell everyone there to have an absolutely wonderful weekend! 300th post coming, way to go!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on the special events that will be hitting your blog!

I khan imagine it is a good/bad issue with the olympikhs - the traffikh would have been nasty but it would have been kind of neat -

True it is a great thing fur Brasil!

My Unkhle Steve's 47th birthday is tomorrow so we'll be looking furward to your special post fur your dad -


Madi and Mom said...

Hi Amy et al....you have a song in your heart tonight for us and that is all that MATTERS. Thank you,
We like the black with hot pink!!!
You and the kits have a good weekend,
Madi and Mom

Furkidsmom said...

We're happy for Rio too. We'll look forward to tomorrow post for your Dad.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

CCL Wendy said...

Yes, I agree with you about the Olympics thing.

Kitties liking their carriers is very strange indeed. I haven't even been able to get Dylan to get into the new soft-sided one I got for him.
He's such an escape artist!

Congrats on your 300th post in advance. I know about remembering your father, too. My father's been gone for quite some time, but my husband and I chose his birthday as our wedding day (so many years ago now) to help remember him.

peggy and The Cats said...

Happy 300 post! Amazing isn't it? Feels good, too, knowing you've made so many new friends..

As for pink type in readers - just highlight it. Works for me.

Mishkat said...

We're glad Rio won because the Olympics have never been held in South America before (Africa either!) And yay for 300 posts! We don't usually post or read on the weekend because it's our dad's time to use the computer, but we'll try and stop by.

Your Daily Cute said...

Happy early 300th post day!

Noir the Texas Tuxedo Tabby said...

It would have been nice for the USA to host the Olympics again, however I hear ya on the $ spent. Dallas bid for the 2012 Games, and lost out. However, the Games have never been in South America--so congrats to them.

I can read this pink :)