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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Woo Hoo!!

We have great news!! Today was Virgil's annual physical at the vet, and Barney came along because his eye is goopy again. I will update on them in a second but while we were there we got some wonderful news! The vet had heard from the specialty vets on Floyd's blood test and they said that he can extend his check-up's to 3 Months! He had been going every 6 weeks for blood tests but now he can go every 12!! That is a good sign that not only are the meds working (that and the weight gain he has had) but that the meds aren't doing any harm and are at the right levels!! I was so excited I had to post the good news right away!!

Ok, so as far as the tiny twosome things are ok too. Barney was a last minute addition to the trip because his eyes are yucky again - I think that at least for now he is just going to have eye issues. Hopefully he will be like Lola and mostly grow out of it (her's are allergies and they are much better now that she is older). So he is back on getting the "eye goo" - the generic term I use for any eye ointment that any cat gets - we have had many kinds. He is very good about it because he has had it done since he was very little. He is also up to 7 1/4 lbs - huge for his age! His front paws are very big so I think he is going to be a big guy.

Virgil just had his regular checkup - he is at 10 1/4 lbs - down a bit from his visit when he was sick a while back. He is a super picky eater so I am not surprised. The vet said it is a good weight for him - he is a tiny guy (he is just perfect in my opinion) so he is ok to be less than the bigger cats. Have I ever mentioned he is just a little guy - he is kind of stocky and has a shorter tail than the others - I don't know why but to me is is so adorable that way. I know it is weird but when he walks away with his feather toy the look from the back is so cute - he has a cute walk or something. I can't put my finger on it. I have to say that he is probably the cutest of the 5 - Barney still has his kitten cuteness so I don't really count him but Virgil is still a bit kitten-y too, even as an adult, so he is super cute. The others are beautiful kitties but Virgil is just a little more cute if that makes sense. Anyway, he is good - he had a little runny nose early in the week but he is not congested or anything so it may just be the new chilly weather that is doing it - the house seems cooler this week because of the cold and damp that has moved in. He is a bit of a mouth breather most of the time, because when he was little he had an upper respiratory thing and was mouth breathing - he just never grew out of it. That is why it is so easy to see his cute pink lips all the time (in the picture the other day, that pink isn't him sticking out his tongue - that is his crazy pink lips).

Anyway, this was just supposed to be a quick vet update - I will post more pictures later. I have less non-costume pics on the camera then I thought so I will try to take more, or if I am really ambitious I will try and get video of them playing with the bolt. We will see!!

Finally, don't forget to vote for what costume Barney should wear - I am not sure if it will let you vote more than once but I don't have a problem with it if you have really strong opinions.

And Finally - a bit more good news - I just went and checked to see if any news came in on Mr Tigger and there was some! It sounds like someone in the apartment complex may have spotted him - so keep sending out those great purrs and prayers and wishes that he finds his way home - it looks like they may be working!!! You can see the post about it HERE!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a nice trip woo had!

Tank woo fur all the good news!


Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad all your babies are doing so well. We, too, read the update on MR Tigger.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Amy what a wonderful post full of good healthy news!!!
I know you and the kitties are all gald to be on the road to recovery.
A good weekend to you all,
Madi and mom

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh we are so overjoyed to hear these bits of good new from the vet visit. Holding ones own is the best way to go through the day...
I am very tiny at only 5 pounds so we think you guys are the purrrfect weight.
All my love, Miss Peach

Ginger Jasper said...

Glad it was good news.. Its good to hear some of that kind of news.. Hugs GJ x

TwoSpecialWires said...

We love great news. And you shared a lot! We'll keep our paws crossed for Mr Tigger.... even if it means we walk a bit funny. It's worth it!

Jake and Fergi xxoo

the casbah kitten said...

Hurray for the positive V-E-T visit! Our aunt Molly (she's a chocolate lab) has allergies and she has to take a children's Benedryl if she's going to be outside much.

Forever Foster said...

We are very happy to hear Floyd got such a great vet report! We bet he will be happy to halve his test visits.

Mum says she knows what you mean about kitteny cuteness in adulthood. She thinks I am a beautiful cat, but Suey still has a kitteny nature that makes her utterly adorable. And we are nearly three!:)

Baby Patches said...

Sounds likes you gots some pawsome news and efurryone is being taken cares of!

Momma says she understands what you says about Virgil cuz she and daddy still calls me kitteh MOL hehehe

I would luvs to sees your kitties in costumes!


Danielle said...

Yay, less v-e-t for Floyd. The less the merrier. Especially blood draws.

Wow, Virgil, I'm a third of what you weigh. My bean says I play it all off. :)

*shyly* PS I would be honored to be your special friend, Virgil. ;)

Your Daily Cute said...

Whoo. So much good news...

And I voted on the Christmas outfit! Won't give away what I voted for, but either one would be really, super, extra cute!

Elin said...

Great news!