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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sorry for no recent updates

I have been really stressed out lately so I just needed to have a bit of time away - I am trying to catch up on visiting everyone but it will take a while - my reader had 1000+ listed as my unread count - although at least 800 of that aren't a big deal.

Floyd is still doing ok - he isn't really eating on his own at all now - not even treats interest him. But he is good about being fed and seems in pretty good spirits considering. He is a bit weak I think because he has trouble jumping up on higher furniture like the bed, but he can still get on the couch and the bed if he climbs the makeshift stairs I have (Kirzon uses the stairs). I am thinking I will get something more permanant then the storage boxes I am currently using because all the cats like to sit there, plus with 5 they will come in handy a lot as they all age.

Floyd is interested in food - I was cooking yesterday and he came out to the kitchen and wanted what I had - first he couldn't have any, because it was salsa, but when I was dealing with the chicken I gave him a little piece - but he didn't eat it. He does seem to enjoy the snack I make him - I call it a meat milkshake. It is a combo of baby food, kitten milk powder, water and usually a little plain yogurt. I find it disgusting (meat baby food is the grossest thing ever - it smells like barf to me) but he likes it. I am getting better at getting the food to come out at a good pace and not overshoot his mouth, but he still gets pretty messy. And the bathroom is so gross right now because the food drips - need to do a good deep cleaning in there.

So I hope to have some pictures up tonight - probably the ones for Halloween - which are mostly outtakes, but some are ok!


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope you enjoyed your down time! You have to take care of yourself, too!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom and I SOOOO understand!

We stared at our GR fur a while yesterday -

Did woo know staring at them doesn't make them go away?

Tank woo fur the updates -

(and the visuals too!)


Brian said...

Yep, rest as you can...and yea Floyd, keep it up!!!

Cat of Nine Tales said...

Purrs to Floyd and Amy! You both need to just focus on feeling better. The blog goes on...
~Lisa Co9T

CCL Wendy said...

Floyd is more important than the mess in the bathroom right now. I'm sure Floyd feels how much you love him when you go to all this trouble.