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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Floyd Still Doing Ok

So this morning Floyd is still ok - not great but ok. He is still not eating on his own but he is being very good about being fed. And he does usually give the food a few licks on his own. Hopefully we will get some good answers next week after we see the specialist. You can see from the pics yesterday he looks pretty good - they don't really reflect his weight loss (all that fur hides it) and I noticed he is also loosing quite a bit of fur again - which is to be expected. But like I said, he is holding his own. For you newbies Floyd is the all black kitty sitting on the floor yesterday.

If you take a close look at the Kirzon pics yesterday (he is the black and white - easy to spot with no Virgil pics) he looks a little thin around his eyes. I am trying to keep an eye on him too - he may have something going on with allergies - I think it was this time last year he had the same thing. We have more eye medicine then a pharmacy at our house so I know I can take care of it without a vet visit - luckily the stuff from last year is still in code, plus I think that it is the same one we have for Barney (I have to read them - there are 2 where the tubes are similar). He is also getting the stinky breath a bit again, so he will need the tooth cleaning soon. With Floyd getting sicker that will be delayed a bit, so he may need to do the antibiotics again before he goes. But he is eating well so I am not too worried at this point. I will keep an eye on him.

Lola is very snuggly lately, and she has been very nice to Floyd - she loves him more than the other cats - he took care of her as a kitten (he was a great mom) and she likes to be near him if she is nervous, like when they were both at the vet. She is less crabby then normal and I think it is because the younger ones are being calmer. And in case you didn't know, she is the gray kitty.

Virgil wasn't in any pics yesterday - he was busy in the kitchen playing with stuff and knocking it down. And running around like a maniac. And chasing various toys. He is such a sweetie to me but he is absolutely hilarious when Brad comes home - for about 10 minutes he will rub on his legs and just be crazy - I never noticed it until yesterday - he litterally slides down to the floor while rubbing on his legs. It is so funny I have to get it on tape.

Finally, Barney. He is almost 6 months old now - I can't believe it. He is still pretty bitey and sometimes it is very hard to get him to stop. But he is getting better. Oh, have you seen the video of the orange cat yelling at the black and white cat - like she is a woman mad at him for cheating? If not you can see it HERE. I don't remember the first place I saw it - I just searched and found it here - no idea if it is on youtube but it would not surprise me. Anyway, I thought it would be funny to see the cats react to it so I started it at home, and Barney freaked out! He thought it really was a cat in the house and bolted! I turned it off right away and tried to call him back - it took about 15 minutes and he was very nervously looking around to see if the angry cat was still there. I felt bad for him, but it was pretty funny. The other cats looked over but didn't really care much about it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - Barney will be an elf, based on the votes recived. I will be posting the Halloween pics first, in the next day or so, and then will be trying for the elf pictures. Wish me luck!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo just keep telling him what I'm pawing!

PeeEssWoo: Do we get pikhs of woo trying to make him an elf?

Brian said...

Hey, Barney will make a good elf, that was my vote. Tell Floyd to keep up the good work, we're happy to hear that good news fur sure!

Angel and Kirby said...

Angel did not like that video, either, She got up to the monitor and poofed out!

Huffle Mawson said...

Come on Floyd, you have to get better! Us black kitties have to stick together.

Can't wait to see the elf pics!

Forever Foster said...

Floyd, you keep eating like a good kitty. It was sweet to hear about Lola. She is such a beautiful ladycat. But then, we are quite partial to dilute torties:)

Lorianna said...

Oh I hope Floyd just gets better fast! Hopefully Kirzon is just having minor allergies.
Cody has hairballs causing an intestinal blockage! I updated all the info and his meds on my blog.
He is on a special laxative and an antibiotic. He has a belly full of gas, poor baby. All I can do now is wait for him to pass this out of him. 90% of kitties do while taking this stuff, the rest need surgery.
So lets hope for a very productive poo... (yuck, I know)
Thank You for all of your kindness Amy. I am keeping your kitty babies in my thoughts too.

Milo and Alfie said...

We love reading your updates ~ they are so packed wiv interesting tidbits. We love that Barney is going to be an elf ~ and Alfie just loves Lola (end of) and we're glad Floyd is doing OK too.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Amy,
We're glad to hear your furids are holding their own. We'll keep Floyd in our thoughts. Have a good weekend,
Madi and Mom

The Kitty Krew said...

Glad to hear Floyd is eating, even if it's still not on his own. We all hope he will not need any serious care to get better! We hope Kirzon is okay, too. It's good that Lola is taking care of Floyd.

And thanks for coming to my Gotcha Day party yesterday!! :)

purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Your Daily Cute said...

Ohhh, it's been a couple days since I've made the blog rounds, and I missed some super cute pictures yesterday apparently! Remind me not to take days off anymore from blog visits. :)

Glad to hear Floyd is hanging in there. Hopefully the specialist has some positive news when you go.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Get well Floyd!! Eat!

MargElmendorf said...

Sure hope Floyd gets better soon. Our staff hates it when we are sick and there usually is someone sick since there are so many of us. I need to come back more often so I know who is who.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I hope that Floyd feels better soon.

Love to all.

Auntie Deb

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hi guys!! It was nice to meet you!!
Floyd, I and my sisfurs are purring very hard for you.
I also want to thank you for coming to my bachelor party! It was just wonderful,thanks to my friends!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see you all at the wedding :)
Purrs Mickey

TravisLittleMan said...

Hi -- this is TravisLittleMan's meowmy....I hope that Floyd feels better soon!

Brian said...

Just us again stopping by to check on Floyd.