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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things are much better today!

Well, Floyd seemed much better last night and this morning so I think he was just having a tummy ache yesterday morning. And he is still nice and friendly with me so he apparently isn't too bothered about his tail fur. Thanks to everyone who posted the nice comments - I felt really bad about it and you helped me feel better. Since he is really quite ill (even though he doesn't act like it, he does have Lymphoma, and pancreatitis, and hepatits) he seems fine. And the good news is that his other bald areas (his belly and leg where he had to be shaved for the tests he had a couple months back) are growing in - his fur is longer so it does take a while. His belly fur is growing in gray, so I think that it is mostly undercoat I am seeing. It is very floofy. I did find another matted area on his neck (I think he rubs his nasty chin acne on it) and will try to get it out without too much fur loss, but haven't figured out how to do that yet - combing is the best choice but I don't want what happened with his tail to happen again. His chin acne is finally getting better - I read on a couple sites that it can take a month or more to clear up, which made me feel a bit better about it - it is so gross to look at or touch to put anything on it.

So I also wanted to say Welcome to anyone who has found their way here from the Tuxedo Gang Hideout. Virgil and Kirzon were officially introduced today.

I am hoping to get some more pictures up tonight, but I have erands to run after work so I may not get a chance. If not then I will get some up tomorrow for sure.

Thanks again for the support everyone!


Angel said...

Our Vet told that cats are so proud that they do not show their weakness when they are ill. We could not tell Wizard was sick until the last two days. We are sending purrs to Floyd and hope he feels better every day!

Mr. Tigger said...

Hi Floyd, Virgil and Kirzon! I am Mr. Tigger form The M-Cats Club! Would you like to join us and have some fun! It is a club for just us guys to hang out and have some fun!
Come on by and check it out!
Hi 5 paw,
Mr. Tigger

Amy said...

Hi guys - thanks for the comments. We will definately head over to the M-Cats club.

And Angel, that is good to know. Luckily most of the time Floyd is pretty feisty - he still plays fetch like a maniac (which freaks out Virgil because he always manages to be in the way when Floyd is chasing something) and is in a good mood most of the time - but he does have days were he just seems off, but still doesn't really act sick - my guess is that those are the days when he is tring to hide that he feels crummy.

Thanks for visiting!

mog said...

Hi Ann, thanks for visiting my site. Floyd sounds like a sick kitty with a lot on his plate. Amazing he doesn't act sick much but then kitties are stoic little creatures. Hoping he improves.