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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet the Cousins!

This is Maddie, the newest addition. She is about 6 years old and was just adopted - my aunt and uncle were supposed to just be fostering but they fell in love with her. It is funny, because she is the biggest (tallest and heaviest) of the 3 dogs - I knew she was pudgy, but I didn't expect her to be taller than Baxter.

This is Baxter. He is also 6, but my aunt and uncle got him as a puppy. As you can see they are all very similar looking. Baxter is the middle sized of the dogs.

This is Abby - she is the youngest and smallest of the three dogs. She is very wiggly - she has nicknames like "miss wiggles" and "wiggle butt".

This is Cassie, she is the youngest of the two cats - I think she is probably 8 or 9. She is very bashful so it is hard to get a picture of her, but when I cat-sit for my aunt she is very lovey and likes to play.

This is Clause, the oldest of all the animals. He is 13 and we are pretty sure he is from the same litter as Kirzon. My aunt got him as a Christmas gift (hence the name Clause). He is not a big people person most of the time, so he is the hardest to get a picture of, but when I cat sit he will come out and let me pet him. I think the dogs get on his nerves - he isn't scared of them, just annoyed.


Fin said...

Mommy is using Firefox as a web browser and that multi-window thing isn't happening now.

Angel said...

Very good looking dogs and kitties!

Amy said...

Hi Fin - it looks like a bunch of sites have been having this happen on blogger. Not sure what the problem is - it seems to come and go. I found it in the forums - it had me really worried - I am glad you let me know. I let blogger know too so I hope they fix it - it doesn't seem to happen to everyone.